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Happy Xmas – War Is Over (repost ;))

Posted on: 14 December 2009

Happy Xmas War Is Over

I finally managed to repost over TwitVid and my “My Deejay” page a downsized version of the cover Maroon5 did two years ago for the Amnesty International Charity project (an iTunes thing that still going so if you like it or just feel charitable, go to iTunes and DOWNLOAD IT).

Yesterday sporty speaking was a tragedy. Lakers lost, Milan lost, an idiot trashed my favourite snowboard and the weather on the Alps was just unfitting.

We had fun nonetheless.

I love my crew so much.

Think I will have to come back in Italy at least one week every three when in Los Angeles. I couldn’t live without my people. Not for too long, I mean.

Oh, I downloaded Tommy King‘s album. Really cool. I still wonder how he will fit in the general Maroon5 space (will they become Maroon 6? LOL… Guess the logo in that case had to be remade ;)) but definitely the guy is awesome playing piano. Awesome.

So, I used my full lunch brea to win the war over downsizing format of the former YouTube video I did last year for the cover the guys did of John Lennon’s timeless classic and need to start workin again.

Have all a great time and start feeling Xmas-ish. Here I think it’s gonna snow in a MINUTE…


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