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Kobe injuries finger. Courmayeur ROCKS.

Posted on: 12 December 2009

Just before swallowin down a HOT chocolate cup, after a day here in Courmayeur snowboarding with my crew (the winter season has started!!! whoooo-hooo!) I have to make you all aware of my poor mental state after this past evening I LOST AT WII TENNIS.

Darn. That’s a bugger.

Also cos Karim was the one kickin my ass.

Sigh… wasn’t enough he can beat me at real life tennis, from his 6’3” to my poor 5’9”?

He laughed all evening. Darn.

Adam avatar in Band Hero

We played just Tennis and Rabbids, so no Band Hero and no improvement on my record, not to mention we haven’t still unblocked all use of Adam’s avatar (we need a four pieces to unblock that step, and yesterday we lacked a second guitar control to use it as a bassguitar: FEDE!!! YOUR FAULT!!!)

So I can’t yet sing imitating Divine Creature.

Take his avatar from NME though 😉 – I was meant to post this a long ago and never did…)

Time here is precious: weather NOT so precious althogether but snowboarding still fun.

The past dawn we saw Lakers crush Timberwolves .

Marghe, are you proud? your guess at Lakers’ overall ugliness made the Lakers Blog goin on the whole of yesterday 😉 but SHIT… Kobe FRACTURED his holy finger.


Tonight we are again at it against the Heat and it’s gonna be demanding and tough.

Another Laker Watch of course: it was great to have the whole creek wake up at down in the chalet. Though only 6 out of 12 of us could actually stay awake all time ;).

Here I leave you with a couple of videos (above, the KBros!!!! The Lakers Blog Masters!!!) and His Holyness Kobe speaking, down below.

That man is made of STEEL and Titanium. My gosh. He’s overhuman…

On the Divinity side, from yesterday is Chanukah, so of course we wished Adam a precious holiday time yesterday.

Even more important, Maroon5 have COMPLETED THE WORK!!!

Adam attending David La Chapelle Miami bash on December 5

Yesterday they all got finally back in the US.

(yeah, I know… what a timing: I start to go weekly in the Alps, and of course they leave…)

Adam was already in the US from a week earlier actually.

He went to Miami to attend a David La Chapelle’s bash and relax after. Or something else. His businness, of course 😉

I would really love if La Chapelle would direct one of the incoming M5 videos though. I would REALLY love to see his touch on their songs and style. The boys in Cherry Pied colours… I wouldn’t mind, really 😉

Considering the timing that generally goes from completing the recording (I guess mastering as well? no? Maybe Miami had to do with it as well?) the album may come out around February. I’m so curious I can’t wait.

I was also delighted Adam praised what is still my favourite rock ballad of the past year:  Kol’s “Use Somebody”. His ears and my ears eventually agree on most of things. Which pleases me. Plus is another Sophie Muller’s videos, you know. She knows how to capture’s artists souls through images and music.

Take a breath and enjoy this marvel of a song.


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