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Lakers, Xmas trees, and snowboard time

Posted on: 9 December 2009

Pau Gasol blocks Jazz's Boozer shot

So, Lakers had an impressive roll onto the Utah Jazz just minutes ago.

After have being down by 8, we won 101-77 eating our adversaries out in the final quarter of the game.

Seriously, that was impressive. As long as we play focused, others will be not merely beated… they will be eclipsed.

It was fun to have Karim telling the whole game as a mantra “poor Utah. They can’t imagine how bad they will lose!”

The NBA pass worked again and I could also take newly part at the Lakers Blog Chat which I so love.

So, yesterday we had the Xmas time customization of my house. We’re almost done… it has been fun cos every now and again we would stop to have sex among angels. That is naughty. Not really 😉 It’s just the way we work. At times (well, always…) we are nearby and we start to gaze into one another. The world disappears and we start undress (if we are dressed at all). Our bodies just speak a language of their won between their own.

It’s pretty amazing.

The past long weekend has been superb.

Muse gig was spectacular.

Turin time so cozy.

Karim's new Corvette in my backyard

Then we went back in Milan, but not prior to pass through Crema cos Karim… bought a grey CORVETTE. He said as soon as I praised Marco’s one months ago, he ordered one of his own.

“You have to love just my cars. Couldn’t stand you loved another’s car more than my 79 Mustang… so I bought one for you to appreciate.”

He’s crazy. But I so love what he does for me, and how he is always related to how I feel and what I love. I was shocked when I saw the car.

The Scala Première was simply fantastic. I loved it SO totally. And I really appreciated Dante’s direction and scenography costumes for it. I’m no bigot, like those who disregarded it.  Went there with a GORGEOUS gaunt by Dior, white with a drap in darker leoparded tissue. So awesome.

We met Meli and Stef and all the parents were there. It was special.

They hang out together after but Karim and I disappeared at his pad. And had some of the best sex ever. For all the representation I would tease him over the fabric of his amazing Zegna’s smoking to cause him boner.

I love that.

He couldn’t stand at all till we left, he had to sit down with the scarf over his crotch. It was amazing.

When we entered the lifter he was so loaded he almost destroyed my luxiouious gaunt. I couldn’t live without the way we click sexually. It’s like the most perfect chemistry any human has ever tried on this planet.

I’m leaving to work, and he stays here.

This weekend is snowboard time: winter has come and Alps are all white. We start the snow season and the crew leaves on Friday evening as long as we’re all finished with work.

My life is so perfect I can’t breathe.

Thank you life. I love you.


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