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Next Friday is gonna be HUGE.

Posted on: 29 November 2009

Wow… good rainy morning everyone.

Surfacing from another awaken night to catch Lakers on the easiest roll ever (the Nets TRULY don’t resemble a pro team… I won’t waste words on the game cos it was so useless Kobe fouled 5 times just to allow himself two quarters bench time… I’m serious!), I am quietly waiting for tab works here at lab and while I’m on it, I update the blog.

There’s LOTS!!!

From various fields.

First of all, Karim’s will be back here on thursday and I cannot wait. I really am in need of… him. Past Friday at disco it was somehow strange to turn off offers from at least one VERY cute guy (out of 17 who attempted catchin my interest… I also got offerings from two women, which is always flattering to me, I have to admit…) not cos it requested me strenght (I’m such a good girl now, you know…) but just cause I would have really liked some sheet gym. I just hate when I am not allowed it. So Karim better be back and provide his serious (and totally awesomely rated) effort before I get sick about it.

Bitch? Not really. Those who don’t love sex the way I do are simply wrong. Or they just hadn’t any good one in their lives, which is sad.

On the weekend we have stayed quietly at houses, checkin up with the Creek, watchin sports, playing poker and just relaxing.

We need that and I do especially need that cos next weekend is gonna be crazy.

Karim gets back on Thursday: on Friday as soon as work ends (5 pm) we will ride furiously over Turin to get to see MUSE live!!!! At the moment I am just so totally in love (even more than I have always been with them) with their current single, “Undisclosed Desires“. Karim says it’s MY song to his soul. He loves it a lot and keeps whisperin that words and melody to me, which I so adore.

Take a look and open ears to goodness 🙂

Now to me that’s ART. Art in music.

Why do I say that?

Cos… Divine Adam yesterday was particularly verbose about these kind of related stuff. They’re back to Vevey (poor angel, it’s gonna be rainy and cold just like here.. just worse… but this time he brought even more crew to back him up preventing him from homesickness, I guess) and as it always happens when he has to chase boredom away, he gets particularly fond of twitter and starts to speak a lot. I LOVE that. His views on things are always challenging to me.

So yesterday he stated that to him music is not – necessarily – art. He went on defining better that he feels uncomfortable with musicians claiming their artistry too openly. And that people deify musicians too much.

While I can agree that lots of selfproclaimed artistry in music is pure garbage,  I also disagree about the whole of it NOT being art. He actually surely gives musicians the artist status. Just that he’s VERY selective about that (Prince surely gets his props up). As always he is a peculiar combination of humble and fighting attitude that always surprises me. Just like when he was able to directly address Noah who quoted the famous line “all art is quite useless” to Dorian Gray’s preface. You know how I adore Oscar Wilde. And actually, that preface explains well what I feel about art. If Adam has that in mind guessing about arts and their value, we’re not really far away about concept of artistry.

Sure that we are not.


Out of the arty debate, another couple of twitters in the weekend made me remember a rumour a dear “metal lover” friend told me about way back in September. He was telling me he heard that Adam would have been featured on the new Slash’s solo album. I remember I was like “yeah, sure…” and just erased that info cos I thought he was kidding me (you know.. metal fans… pop rock music… they truly don’t show appreciation often about their mixing).


That’s happening for real, and I post this reference about the creation of the song cos that’s cute.

I mean… not that I am really shocked after Slash got in Fergie as well in his record and decided to land his guitar to Rihanna‘s garbage album, but still, I will love to have another album fullfilled with guests (there’s Chris Cornell… it’s AWESOME!), and he’s undoubtedly a genius guitar player. Then anything Adam sings is like perfect with me so… roll on with the Amazon order (or I might even buy it physically, being in LA by March).

Actually a metal collaboration was lacking from Adam‘s resume with musical genres so this is a great fill in. Can’t wait to hear that for sure.

But out of doubts, the record that I truly now wanna hear is M5 next one. I really can’t wait much longer. I’m gonna love 2010.

On the incoming crazy Friday, I forgot to add that after the Muse’s gig we will remain in Turin. We have room booked, and we won’t sleep for 2 reasons: one you guess it (and that’s CORRECT, 110%) while the other is that is again NBA Lakers watch against Miami. No way we will miss it. Yesterday Karim didn’t really see the game cos he was guesting diplomathic people at his parental house, but surely he won’t miss the Heat (or the Hornets, on Tuesday).

So… this is my schedule.

Love my life 😉

Have all a great start of the week.


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