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Somebody finds my Lakers: they’re missing…

Posted on: 16 November 2009

Ariza stops Kobe at the post

Ariza stops Kobe at the post

What an awful night.

I woke up at 3h30 am to witness the unthinkeable, even after the (much expected from me) Denver’s beating up against us on Friday.

Houston Rockets defeated us HOME. In a way that lets me unable to react lightfully even now that is 1 pm.


I won’t digrss cos all I had to say is under Lakers Blog commentaries.

I’m here unable to sleep or get rest and all I have done after Karim left me to get back to his loft is listening to music, eating Hershey’s bars and whining.


I can eat cos I have to put wiight back on: I am now 109 pounds and I have to never get below 111, doc says. So… bring it on all worst and lovely healing food. I think I’ll grow those two pounds in just today.

Luckely weekend has been awesome. Yesterday it was raining and Karim and I just had fun, played chess and cards, had amazing conversations, listening to lots of great music, had a blast as cooking masters (thanx Meli for the recipes and… for joining Twitter!!!!) and just kept being lovey dovey with each other.

Karim even wanted to bid for me for a guitar Prince Adam auctioned three days ago but as he went there (max was 2500$) the bid had already been done. Whoooa. There are some other crazy collectors beside me in this world. Oh, well… next time. No problems. But it was cute Karim wanted to gift me with that. It was to lift me up after Lakers loss in Denver. Woha. What about today’s loss then?

No.. okay. I am gonna stop this grooming. I know.

Tickets for Las Vegas are in though. As the booking for the Palms. And airplanes. I just need my chief to give me the off days. It’s Karim’s Xmas gift. Tell me if he isn’t THE BEST.

I won every bid when I got him. Oh, yes.

Have a great starting of the week.

Mark, angel… gotta study a bit of your Country to not mistake what is my latest guess. So.. expect my guess tomorrow.

Luv ya too dear friend. Don’t be sorry for what you wrote me. Is all okay 🙂 Luv 🙂

Oh.. this morning among others I listened to some Raf’s greatest hits.  Luv the man. For some reason I chose this to show you. It’s old. I like it.



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sono davvero contenta che le foto del principino da piccolino ti siano piaciute e mi fa veramente piacere che mi definisci amica anche se la nosta conoscenza sia di poco tempo ma vorrei diventare tua amica x davvero ciao

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