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Chicken pox is going away + Divine A “kid version” ;)

Posted on: 11 November 2009

This very morning doc came in and visited me. Chicken pox is healing well, I have no freakin scars so far (Karim has explored me well on that…) and although I keep being infectious I’m on my way to be perfectly fine 🙂

I won’t probably go in San Francisco along Karim for thanxgiving for I might be still with some blisters, and moreover due to the fact if I wanna have a hope to get in Las Vegas for New Years Eve (and Maroon5 gig in there at Pearl Theathre inside Palms hotel) I can’t claim further holidays days till 29th of December. There you go. Karim says it’s okay. I wonder what will his parents think on that but anyway thanxgiving is an American holiday and ehy!… I’m Italian. I don’t have to attend forcedly (no, okay, this sounds bad and it’s not meant to.. it’s just that is preferable for a long series of reasons that I stay quiet here in Italy. Though I’ll miss the event. I know I will. And… I will miss Karim a LOT.)

Today the only Wii tournament will be for me and Karim. I’m getting used to Band Hero well, and I always love to detail how Adam’s avatar has got all of his arm sleeve detailed on him so greatly ;). I would also love to catch Fox Crime’s “Il Mostro di Firenze“. I’m not up for tv, but some tv might be good sometimes.

Talkin about babies, I have to share this they did through their pages. It’s a Green Oriented thing so you ALL should just learn how to be like they (and WE) are. It’s for your own interest, after all.

So… take a look at Reverb, and grow a green conscience.  😉 I LOVE the video btw 😉

Today again babies are playing but yesterday Adam enjoyed NY city life (and not so erm… shareable food tastes, even though it seems Jesse and lots of his friends share that fondness for tuna wasabi pizza… Eww!) while James had a close encounter with a great docu movie that I hope comes to Italy uncut and faithful, called “Collapse”.

Chelsea Pier Bowling house

Chelsea Pier at 300 New York Bowling alley.

At night Divine A. allegedly went to a friends’ night out including Bowling. And of course girls (I decode that from “Babies”. And everybody knows I’m right there). When in NY Karim and I enjoyed with his West Village friends a great place called Chelsea Pier: not only bowling but lots of courts and shops and restaurant too. New York has just so much in it. Too bad Maroon5 decided to stay over there (there are SEVERAL dates around the area, included tonight’s one in Connecticut, which happens to be in a County that borders New York neighborhood, so it’s a string of days they are still based in New York, allegedly at the awesome Standard Hotel, one of the most designed gems in Manhattan. With Karim we’ve been at the Boom Boom Room and it was TERRIFIC) weeks later than I was there. Imagine the awesomeness of crossing paths casually! Oh, gosh. Though maybe better not. I might have been contagious for any of them. Doomed me if I had EVER caused ANY trouble to my beloved angels.

Finally, I post the November collage. It includes the first two Lakers games of the season Adam was able to attend at Staples being over LA, a celebration retrodated of Halloween (I have always LOVED that pic!) of Adam’s 2007 party at his house (the one of this year, you know, was awesome too, but until pics of him surface – don’t care about Katy Perry or Adam Lambert there or anyone of the guests who attended.. I just want HIS pics! – can’t post them…), a shot of the guys leaving on private plane for what should have been MY first gig – Rochester – and OMG… thanx to my friend Teresa, who shared them over Facebook, two AWESOME shots of kid Prince Adam as well. Okay. Now you know why yesterday at a certain point I blanked on the phone. It was due to OF COURSE one of those two kids pics of him. I let you guess which one.

*swoooooons* 😉


Collage November 2009

Now I better back to a GIGANTIC work on the pics of New york. Damn me, I moved more than 500 of them from the Roll Camera memory of the iPhone to an app I have on there called “Albums”. Great… they downsized the pics and the file is unreacheable for saving on Harddrive of pc. So I have to send all of them to a secret online host and then save all of them again (and downsized, DAMN!) on pc.

It will request two more days.

But Karim at least took some in high res and didn’t remove them from the roll. And I still have two hours and half of film roll. So… it’s pretty okay.

Dumb Miss Z. salutes you 😉


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