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Healing well. Lakers won again. Band Hero ROCKS. And I just missed…

Posted on: 8 November 2009

… what is, in James and Tommy‘s words, “best show” on the current Back To School M5 tour.

So let’s start with what makes me still bleed, though on another side I’m happy Charisse was at those gigs, cos this means I’m gonna have PRIMARY pictures, private and VERY close up, soon, to add to my private collection of lovely memorabilia. I am not up for digital you know. I want REAL pictures. Possibly framed. Possibly signed (and for the second show she brought the ones already printed from Rochester, so it MAY be— *winks*— that she got the signs on those at the Cornell one 😉 YES!!! Here it goes my thanksgiving gift ;)).

I learnt just two days before it took place that my first show should have been Rochester University one:

Rochester University The day before Maroon5 arrival in New York state, to play there,  Prince Adam tweeted something obscure and negative, about something being REALLY wrong. Since the Oralndo piece seemed to have gone all fine, I was really wondering at his bitterly set and someway sad words. Well the day after, just for the gig, Charisse tweeted this “OMG zaira you couldn’t believe!!!Swapping crazy returnofsaturnz”. I thought she was blanking but shorter later Jesse unveiled the mystery. Matt had some family trouble which allegedly have forced him to withdraw for a while from being on the road (the usual Maroon5 drummer curse? Let’s just hope all will be solved for the quickest better for sweet Matt… lotta love man!) and so in 24 freakin hours sweet babies had to hire a fill-in drummer.

Adrian Young of No DoubtThe replecement, and the thing REALLY makes me go all WOOOHOOOO, is none else than No Doubt’s Adrian Young. Holy shizzzzzz!!!! I went gobsmacked by that. Everyone knows how much I love No Doubt and Gwen Stefani so to learn in 24 hours he flew coastside and joined my babies was awesome. More than that… no reharsing almost so he MUST have known LOTS of their music to fill that quickly in.

Result for the gig: “EPIC” in Divine Adam’s words. I can bet that!!!

You wonder if I am pissed I missed that? SURE. But gotta live with it don’t I?

CornellUniversity Itacha NewYorkSecond gig of mine should have been yesterday’s Cornell University (the one in between those two has been Queens one.. I would have loved to be there as well cos all NY friends of the guys were there, including Alex Greenwald, and you know that I have sort of an half-crush on him since Phantom Planet times…). Cornell University is Charisse’s one. She’s mastering Law, and I was looking forward to stay over there cos it’s classy Ivy League and I just love the place for the way it looks.

As you all learnt from this post start, seems like the gig was awesome. Charisse wrote me a completely out of mind short mail reading all of her excitement up as soon as it ended. 

I just CAN’T WAIT to catch them live again. 

And apparently I might have a GOLDEN chance on New Years Eve.

From tittle ad tattle seems that Maroon5 will be the musical guest shows at Palms in Las Vegas playing at the LOVELY Pearl Teather there (to make you understand: last year’s show was Mariah Carey…)Pearl Theather at Las Vegas Palms hotel

That could just be most awesome of dreams. I already checked: Palms availability of suites is still in.


Palms Hotel in Las Vegas

Tickets for the Pearl thing aren’t on sale yet AND the place holds 2500 people so I just need to be ready for the superpass whatever.

My only major trouble might be working duties. Being sick still, and havin taken already almost all of my holiday days up for the year, it’s not that granted I can get 31 and 30 and probably 29 up from work in December. And I need that cos the flight to Vegas requests two planes. I hope to arrange that cos to witness babies as New Year sneaks in would just be PURE PERFECTION. Cross fingers for me right? BY any means I’ll buy tickets. Then we’ll see.

Dj at reboundingOn the sporty side, Milan and Lakers are still greatly managing all stuff. Lakers yesterday won again, no matter the second game in a row without both Pau and Bynum. WOW. I just saw the recorded highlights from the night (I couldn’t certainly wake up with the fever in the middle of the night you know) and really rooted in for DJ Mbenga.I can’t believe I’m writing this, but guy is like a mascotte 😉

I hope though Pau and Bynum can stick in back as soon as possible cos we need them especially against the Nuggets.

Oh… if you wonder I am at my parental home still. Mum won’t let me go before I’m fully okay. So I am like a pampered queen, even more than usual. My collegues at work sent me flowers 😉 Awww they’re cute 🙂

My friends miss me and I think that is also cos by now I am the only one having Band Hero (Karim bought me that in USA still) and they can’t wait to play it (kidding, I know they just love me..). I wish I could set up a Wii night already on thursday but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Karim is the only coming. He comes again tonight. It’s fun cos mum won’t let him have a sleep over and so when he comes he gets to sleep in my half house on the other side of teh backyard here 😉 That makes me feel like a 14 years old 😉 But mum has her ideas, though she knows Karim and especially my own ways to live sexuality up, and she’s approving what we do and how we do that.

Not that I can have any until all spots and crusts haven’t fully disappeared but… you get the picture. She knows about that and has no trouble with that. Just that she doesn’t like to hear me scream while under her same roof I guess. I can live with that. I understand that. I also can’t cope with the idea of listening to my parents making out or make it, you know. I get that 😉

Anyway I miss to have sex with Karim A LOT. I can’t wait to be safely allowed to have him. I think I’m gonna kill him by then 😉

I bet he can’t wait 😉

So dear… have you all a wonderful wonderful time these days. I am off to some new nap time so I can rest better. Fever is just slightly above the average. I am on my road to be okay again (I have lost a bit too much of weight, though. Don’t like to be THIS skinny. But appetite will do me good later ;))

CU… bye bye!

Guys leaving on a private plane to Rochester


3 Responses to "Healing well. Lakers won again. Band Hero ROCKS. And I just missed…"

You know I’m sooo sorry I could not answer properly this days, but this is just knots. In about two days school year is over and teachers are complicating this week with lots of quices and tests. I feel so ashamed. Not being able to supprt you on this days that you need to be cheered by your beloveds. I feel like a jerk not being able. But surely I promise that after the friday of next week I’m all yours. And… you will see that waiting worths what ‘s coming. i’m wishing the best and I’m truly sorry. You’re always on my mind. Also sometimes I get worried of how you shopuld be doing. A couple more days Ok?:)

Hey everybody, it’s Thanksgiving Day! I’m enjoying my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that’ll probably involve a bike ride and seeing something new in Dennis I haven’t seen yet.
You write new post at Thanksgiving?

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