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So, my last New York and USA day… thanx CHICKEN POX :(

Posted on: 4 November 2009

Maroon 5 Album Trailer #3!

So… I have something to say. Though it will result quick, harsh, not understandeable to majority, and scatterly chaotic.

Before all goes insane, I let you see the awesome third trailer the beloveds graced us with yesterday just before getting into their second gig in Lousville, KY.

Today to be honest there is also another YouTube graceful piece, from the first gig actually,  with the live rendition of Last Chance. But I can’t post it. I can’t even load it and listen to it. Cos… you know… I have got FRICKIN CHICKEN POX, right after Halloween and after what had been till then most amazing time of my life in New York City and so…


No way I can listen to Last Chance live myself.

No way I can win agaisnt James at tennis contest.

No way I can catch again divine Adam on stage and out of it.

I let you imagine how I feel.

New York City HallMy dad came to Gramercy Park Hotel (btw, I have heard Rihanna was here these past days? She must hide well… never crossed her sight or her huge entourage?!??) yesterday evening to bring me back to Italy. An US officer will accompany us at JFK and then in Milan. There’s some huge burocracy goinon, but all I can think of is that I hate all this, and that with these spots on my face and body I am darn ugly.

And I can’t have sex.

I’m SO angry.

I know it’s unfair… I had such a great time in NY… so much to tell and I will but now… Darn… not even the Milan’s game of yesterday against Real, nor seeing Kakà again.. not the Lakers win cheered me up enough to chase away the regret for being forced to miss the gigs.

I don’t even know why I am ranting here.

Just have to make hours pass before we leave to JFK around NY 4 pm..

I am SO sad.

I know, I will recover.

And I will tell you about New York, beside all the huge twitters about it I made. I will tell how this holiday and even this disease is cementing it all so awesomely with my Karim.

He’s actually the only bright light in all this loss.

But not today.

My stomach aches and it’s not for antibiotics.

It’s due to this:

and all the light I will miss from the shining angel of my heart.

I was almost forgetting: this post from their blog was as usual full of their amazing human touch, so take a look.


About me… Well I’ll be better. I wonder if I did spread the disease on Halloween. Probably yes. Luckely Karim already had it as a kid. Well… hang on a minute… EVERYBODY has this as a kid.


Better stop this now or I will get on fuming and fumbling around. *sigh*.


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