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Ready for USA (if Alitalia works…) + Jesse&James

Posted on: 20 October 2009

Jesse, James and the Harlem Children’s Zone

Now this is what I call awesome. I so love these guys… 🙂

Straight from start, look how adorable are J&J in this video. I mean… I totally adore them, and I just can’t wait to catch them in the college gigs. AWWWW.

So, I’m at work but I can’t stop thinkin about Friday leaving to New York. It’s cold  as hell (both here and there) but I’m all fire. I am sad we won’t play (Karim and I) at the usual tournament of Wii Thursday, but having the flight in the morning makes us forced to reach Malpensa accordingly.

Even though all could be useless cos… guess what? Friday 23d of October is GENERAL STRIKE in Italy.

Eww… Hate that. Anyway Alitalia said the flight will be in the worst scenario just delayed of a coupel hours, cos it’s Intercontinental. They didn’t sounded either convinced or convincing… but there you go.

Halloween in the Big Apple!!! AWESOME!!! I even changed my Twitter icon to make it more grand-guignol. Awww. I’m really all pumped for everything.

I’m in love and happy.

Only minus thing is that stupid Vodafone (my phone operator) hasn’t a convenient plan for web mobile that works for my iPhone so I will spend like millions to Twitter.

Mark, angel, I told you I would have been super connected but in fact I’ll just tweet a bit, and maybe use the internet in the hotel. Even though I guess when I’ll be there Karim and I won’t really mind internet at all. So… let’s leave it all at twittering, okay? But it will be informative. I swear 🙂 My Country guess is in the mail I’m about to send you… okay? And CONGRATS for the Exchange achievement!!!! I’m so happy 🙂 Really 🙂

Okay surely I didn’t sound coherent… I’m just doing one million things at once 😉

Just know I am HAPPY.

USA… here we come again 😉



1 Response to "Ready for USA (if Alitalia works…) + Jesse&James"

I totally loved it when I watched it yesterday (Monday), I so enjoy it. Besides it’s so awesome that bands use their power of persuasion to create conciuosness on people that is completely ignorant about it. It shows they’re humans and are concerned about. I mean being famous didn’t change their minds about the world and now they can, they’ll as far as they can to help get everybody involved in it.

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