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Posted on: 13 October 2009

Good morning!

Well, actually is lunch time and I’m takin it along my collegues at work. I feel so well it’s unreal, indeed.

Yesterday the tests conducted at our selected farms went really well, and I managed to cope with the odious smell that I get while hanging there pretty well.

Yesterday night Karim and I saw Metropolis… it was just so intimate. I keep feeling this warmth inside, and I just love this.

(NOTE TO MARK: angel, your letter is awesome!!!! I will answer tomorrow, today as you will see is… kind poetical day 😉 and that’s the only writing I’m gonna do, extensively I mean)

Yesterday Karim gave e permission to upload the portrait he recently did of myself. I uploaded to Twitpic but I want to put it here as well, just cos those kind of portraits can’t be used for nasty purposes by the freaks around the web.

I really love the way he sketches. I see myself perfectly in the way he sees me.

Pencil portrait of myself, made by my Karim

Pencil portrait of myself, made by my Karim

This morning I actually wrote a poem on the iPhone tab note, as I was walking till the lab.

Okay… I’m posting it just cos I think it’s on point about the way I feel (well, that has to be… naturally?!?).

It came off in English… so I won’t translate it in the Italian version of this blog: it would ruin the inspirational trail I was following for it.

I am actually also dreaming a lot in English lately… I like that, I have to say 🙂

One week and half before New York… Whoo- hooo!!! It’s gonna be amazing. Halloween there!!! And then the colleg gigs of my adored M5!!! I just think the lastpart of this year will see me shining 😉

So, this is the poem. I think I might call it “R-evolving”.


Breathing gently

air that sudden feels fresher,



Walkin carefree

among midsts of faces

that don’t speak anything to me,

none of those mute, all mattering words

you effortlessly throw round my way,

making it gold,

making it a festive glow,

making me slow

down on your composite, composing path

to catch your remarkable undefined defying life

with my openly crystal, messily sincere soul.

You know, if this is love

I feel so much grander with it…

If this is meant to be love,

then I’m so much wiser for it:

and if this is actually love,

sure I don’t have no grumbling fears about it.

I’m reachin out to you

every second of when I unconsciously breathe;

I reach out to you,

in this morning that grows with the steps I’m taking…

and I’ll be reachin for you

even when we will be on the opposite sides

of this world we live in.

No bounderies of mind,

walls nor physical drain

could ever set us apart

in no geological, let alone human era.

I’ve becoming yours

without wishing for it.

I’ve become yours

cos you truly wanted just the as I am me:

and without ever trying to change it,

you steadly succeded in making me

so changing,

in mutational evolving,

so deeply, so powerfully indeed.

If this is what they call love,

know I’m all for it.

I do know this is love: is cos you patiently thaught it to me.

I know a lot,

but with you I’m the childlike scholar;

I know nothing,

but you always show me how I’m enriching you far more.

Yes, this is love,

and doesn’t feel at all like a cage:

this is a freeing love,

it’s a flying balloon of ten thousands

open windows on every curved side of it.

Enthropy of  fullfilled dreams and wishes,

shared synapses of messages in the wild lively wind:

everything rushes at our disposal in the palms of our hands

when they touch and merge together,

holding the whole that we are for one another’s stare.

Mystery of wellness

acknowledgment of not forced dependency:

everything becomes true from outside clashing

into our bodies insides pleasures

when we mash together

stepping further both into a better one,

a new uniquely bonding shot at a much more life,

a sudden longlasting miracle that explodes in our personal big bang.

I’ve been revealed who I am,

while I was thinkin I were perfectly already aware of that…

I’ve been showed up and amazed me at the display

of that fair reign of impossible fever which doesn’t go away:

and it’s all for you,

my dear,

my white dove Sir.

Do you know how much you’ve gifted me with?

You named for me Love,

and as I keep breathing this new life during this morning walk,

I see that now I really know

how preciously pure,

how shockingly bold,

how intricatedly simple

this universe of everything feels,

which for me I want you to keep to hold.


2 Responses to "Artistically involved"

A beautiful gift to humanity you have given this day, specially to me. Bless you for that incredible talent that’s inside you and the fact you’re able to share and not to keep just for yourself. My tears almost come out and that doesn’t happen very often. Keep on finding the beauty in this world. Never quit doing ot I know you won’t 🙂


Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

black hattitude.

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