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Maroon5 new teaser, Obama’s Nobel and Bday bashes

Posted on: 9 October 2009

I woke up WAY too soon this morning. I’m in the trail of THREE Bday parties this weekend (actually 4, cos the one of today is for a bro and a twin Sis 😉 ) so I update this waiting for the chance to wake up Karim without being too mean to him. It’s 9.30 am and we went home four hours ago… WHY did I wake up?

Anyway Marghe’s BDay yesterday was supreme.

Yesterday has been a GREAT day overall.

OBAMA WON THE PEACE NOBEL PRIZE and I am so happy. I share the view of the Committee about the reasons to it. All the babbling simply are coming from people uneducated about foreign politics policies and dynamics. I mean… philosophically even first. I spoke to Meli, maximum expert there, and I totally share her views 🙂

GO BARACK!!! Make the world a better place 🙂 YOU CAN… We can 🙂

Loved the message Jesse  wrote on his twitter about this :), too.

Yesterday Prince Adam was in riding mode… I damn fear everytime he rides his bikes cos I know after seeing it live how tricky is LA traffic for a biker. Still, he looks awesome as a rider (he looks awesome always ;))

Yesterday was also a great day cos Maroon5  put out a second teaser for the album from the studios… AWWWW… you can see it below 🙂 🙂 🙂

I loved to be able to comment and rate and save it to my YouTube page directly from iPhone 🙂 🙂 🙂 The new 3GS is just all that I ever wanted. Is like a mini mini pc and now I can avoid, to stay connected, to bring Noah everywhere (my Toshiba micro tablet).

There’s also an app for iPhone which is driving me mad, a music one called “Euphonic”. Love it to death.

The only minor minus of yesterday (for us, technically it was today though) is that Lakers LOST their preseasonal game against Warriors. Okay, doesn’t count. Still I don’t like any  of our loss. 😉

So… here are the quick updates for today. Wish you all a GREAT weekend. Maybe not as festive as mine, but still super fabulous 😉

Maroon 5: New Album Trailer 2

Pure awesomeness part 2 !!! 🙂


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