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Fedoras, phoenixes and disagreements

Posted on: 6 October 2009

Good morning world!!!

After a totally trashy, shitty Monday and a way better Tuesday, I’m pretty excited to discover what Wednesday holds to me (hopefully, talkin about Italian “politics”, even if it should just be a matter of criminal against laws, really, we’ll see the REJECTION of Lodo Alfano, unless democracy in Italy truly is under question…).

I’ve discovered that I can’t take nights without Karim, unless we are on two opposite sides of the world, or is a good night out for one of us (personal and private spaces are still gold to me and I want him to have his as well).

I’ve discovered that the turmoil that goes with lab tests can get on my head more than I expected.

I discovered that I am proud the Medicine Nobel prize went to TWO women too.

I’ve discovered that fedoras seem now a sign of sluttiness, and I don’t know why (my Borsalino hats are indeed ultra classy, especially with my Burberry’s trench).

I’ve discovered I am in love with Karim’s almost completed Phoenix statue. Wow.Yesterday I went to his loft and he found me speechless, cos he had prepared the whole of his quite big flat covered with rose petals, and had prepared for me a wonderful dinner, totally awesome.  “I saw you were pretty amazed when your former friend with benefit gifted you with those dozens and dozens of roses last week… so I decided to thank you this way cos you’re now only mine. Do you like it? I hope so, my one and only Princess.”  I indeed liked it so much we skipped dinner for a while, had raucous sex on every possible surface of the loft, then finally ate, with much more need after using ton of energy, and with much more satisfaction. Then he went to his sculpture as I was writing thoughts on my laptop, and while he was sculpting I said to myself it was a masterpiece what I was seeing. A masterpiece of hunk shaping a truly stunning piece of art.

I discovered that I can’t stand Jay Z.

I mean… I truly can’t. I read yesterday, and you can see it from my Twitter, that I was reading from NME he would love to collaborate with Liam Gallagher. HOLD ON, you thug!!!! No way. And then Snoop Dogg would love to mix with Noel G. ?!??? NO FREAKIN WAY. These rappers are just not fitting Gallaghers at all. Oasis music is a simple yet descriptive and honest attempt to frame youth’s energy, insecurity, hope and fears. Oasis music has always been simple and catartic, energetic and completely OUTTA the world of no depth and sluttiness Jay Z and Snoop sing (well, not that they can sing) about. Jay Z’s “touch” has already ruined to me a couple of my ADORED Coldplay’s songs. I can’t take him not with Alicia, nor with anybody that I love (read Kanye). I partially stand him with Linkin Park, but probably cos I just medium-ly dig Linkin Park. With Liam?!???? No freakin way. I mean, sure JayZ is better than that garbage which may be Lil Wayne, and all the similar blabbers but to me his music is way overrated, and he’s got the type of personality that I just find gross, unauthentic, cocky and shallow.

Guess what?

I discovered that on Jay Z  am NEVER ever gonna agree with Divine Adam. Oh, well, it hurts a bit but who cares: after all I don’t agree with him also on several movie choices 😉 His testosterone’s favs don’t click with me at all, at times. Which is fine. I would be scared of a contrary case, actually. But once more I found amazement in one of his subsequent answers to somebody pickin on him about his manicheous assumption that Jay Z rules (that guy, I read, said that whomever believes in absolutes would make him laugh, partially quoting Adam earlier use of that same laughing as a sign of strong disagreement). Adam said this replying directly to the guy, which is totally correct in fact:

good point. Touché. However, absolutes have to orginate from some kind of consistent trend.”

That’s just so true. So, in the end, even when I strongly face an opposite position compared to his, Adam always makes me think a bit further. There would be miracles comin off from a long conversation with him. His human acknowledgement is probably something he isn’t even fully aware of himself.

Take this little collage, just to be assured no matter Jay Z crap, or horrible digging of movies like “Commando” could ever change the adoration I have for this man. 😉

Adam collage

Adam collage


2 Responses to "Fedoras, phoenixes and disagreements"

This may make you happy: my brother’s birthday is today as Thom Yorke!!! And… remember *variety is important*. I would love to see that Phoenix and also fall in love with it. Surely I will.

Jay shits on these cocksuckers, this is killa: “ugh, fck the DA the mayor know me the big guy in D.C. got a favor for me”.You know it true!!! Got the lyrics from jay-zjournalcom

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