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Shimmering Sunday and Tommy King

Posted on: 4 October 2009

While awaiting the Orange Duck ending its cooking in the oven (yeah, today I feel really like a housewife, not desperate at all ;)) and as Karim is putting some more touches over his amazing Phoenix sculpture, I take some really lil time to update the blogs.

I was about to wait some more hours, but then I just got into Divine Adam’s latest tweet (awww… how much is he adorable when he openly tells his people how he loves them? He always makes me melt) and so, I was like “yeah, let’s write a bit”.

 My week has been double face: on one side, really boring and tough (the awful Milan Champions League game, the German partners meeting… I can’t stand the thing, sorry), on the other, really cool and friendly feeling (The Wii rounds, Friday TOTAL dancing night out…) and the really Me&Him weekend.

Yesterday we woke up at 5 pm (well, we also went sleeping at 8 AM… ;)) so the whole day was just strange and awesome. We didn’t even dress. Yeah. We wandered out naked the whole day. Today we’re just wearing shirts. But it won’t last long ;)).

I’m feeling purely glimmering.

Wow, this is so intense I sometimes get scared about it. But I don’t want to. It’s such a bless to be scared of it would be nonsense. Yesterday evening we’ve watched Memoirs of a Geisha. You know how much that is one of my favs ever movies. Karim wanted to dress me with my awesome kimono (the one he bought me in Japan). It was fantastic to have his hands all over me to actually DRESS me and not undress me. It was just so purely sexy and dedicated.

Today we have as well to find peculiar ways to play, cos I’m in *those days* and I hate that on one side. On the other , I love the quid of fantasy we have to use to keep loving one another also when I’m in what I call “The Bloody Mode”. I actually love to just take care of him. He’s got no Bloody Mode so in a way it’s okay still to have major intercourse, till the extreme points of his pleasure. Which is mine after all.

 Duck is almost ready.

 Wish you all a Sunday as charmingly perfect as mine has being and is going to be.

 Oh… Check out this: is Tommy King. Latest gift from my marvellous 5 impeccable taste. 😉

Tommy King – Get What You Deserve

Tommy King is some very talented guy I just got the chance to discover thanx to Adam and my Maroon5‘s suggestion. You know how keen I can be at spreading great music so… here we come. Enjoy 🙂


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