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A fair 50-50 on Wii League

Posted on: 24 September 2009

Wii in red

Wii in red

Good morning!!

I so love when Friday comes 😉 😉 😉

I feel so light and happy, and although it seems Thursday disappointed Prince Adam (his tweet spoke clear… is there trouble in Paradise with… *angels* already? I hope nothing affects him, ever… Can’t take to imagine Adam sad for no reason. He should always been smiling to me. Always), I have to say our by now regular meeting on Thursdays with Wii League Championship is getting absolutely brilliant.

Yesterday was no exception.

I won again with tennis (I really am too tough for anybody… take this, Karim: you beat me in real game just cos you’re taller than me. JUST for that ;)) but I gave not so perfect performances in other games. I still unable to catch the dance rythm with the Rabbits game. Can’t figure out where I do wrong. Oh, well… But I just kick ass with drums playing ;)!

We ended around 1 am.

Karim of course stayed with me. But I gave room also to Chicca, Teo and Leo. I didn’t want them to crash in a car fender bender (and all of them just had too many drinks while losing ;).

I love to play the Auntie part… being practically teetotal makes me the ultimate authority when it’s about not letting people drive. Nobody can be more present than me, ever ;)). And I am already crazy and unleashed by nature. I don’t need drinks to express my freaky self.  Nature gave me bronze face INNERLY 😉

By now they are sure all woken up and they are surely eating all that is in my breakfast boxes. *sigh*.

This weekend we should be really calm and not doing anything raw. NO disco. At least not today. Karim is keeping his sculpting up, and I will be at his place from this evening till probably Tuesday 🙂

I guess the only dance I wanna perform is something for his eyes only. Eyes.. and not merely eyes 😉

This evening we wil finally go out to see 500 Days of Summer and I can’t wait. Mashudo said on a video chat the other day that in so many ways the character played by Zooey D. (Summer, in fact) is the closest to me he has ever seen.

“Lovely and mean without wanting it” he said.

I’m no mean.

But I’m curious to see this movie and catch why he could think she resembles me.

I’m sure I’d love the soundtrack. That is already something which will make me fall for the movie.

Wish you all a lovely day.

And wish especially sweet Adam to find a way to be lighter and happier in mood tomorrow. My Divine Prince has never to be down. His smile is one of the reasons I love life for. 😉


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