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It’s Fall, and I feel so well

Posted on: 22 September 2009

I might even write some poetry.

Yesterday I actually met this cute guy from Senegal out during lunch time, trying to sell me some French book. I love when I get to talk in French, cos it’s quite rare compared with the daily chances of talkin in English.

I just like my French accent.

What can I do?

Anyway this book of Senegalian poetry was really lovely to be read, and the Fall season always inspires me in writing.

The weekend in Venice was simply AMAZING.

I have already posted it on Twitter (though it’s a different side), but I need to repost it here: I bought the most beautiful Venice mask for Carnival (and for New York Halloween!!!! Gosh I can’t wait ;))

Look at it: €420 so damn well spent, yes!

Venice mask I bought two days ago

Venice mask I bought two days ago

Karim said with that I should dress as cat woman. Just in satin and laces instead of leather liotard. I might think of that. I will definitely dress that way for him just.

For the mask I actually think of dressing with the Chanel gaunt I bought last year for New years eve. It’s a siren dress, very elegant and very simple. The mask is enough for gaining me attention.  Though I am sure the way that dress fits me would increase it anyway.

Venice on Sept. 19th, 2009, from our boat.

Venice on Sept. 19th, 2009, from our boat.

Venice by the way was sunny, lovely… and we stayed again at Danieli, just like we did months ago when spending time with our friends there as well.

But alone… it was just better.

As usual Karim was very much full of surprises.

On the side of the Main Canal there was this HUGE (help me say it: HUGE) yacht that must have been of some Prince or Sheik, all blue and as long as two palaces in row. We saw that walkin off Danieli’s, and I said for teasing my man:

“You should have rented it… I would love to sail over around Venice just you and me… but no Gondola…”

He smiled and showed me a delicious Azimut 58 Fly. 17,68 meters of adorability.

“We’ll sail around with that. Do you like it?”

I smiled cos by now I know he can pull off anything at any moment, totally unexpectedly. I asked if it was his.

“It’s of a very close friend of my father, who happens to be in Italy these days. But we also have one of those, at our place.”

So we sailed and saw Giudecca from a very privileged point of view.

I love to make love on boats. The rocking can add so much. And I love to know people driving that can hear, but not see what happens inside. If we were alone, we might also have done something outside. On summer we did… Ouch 😉 . We both love that, actually. Our egos get pleased by torturing poor fellas around, or just is that we can’t give a shit about judgemental of others. We are really comfortable with ourselves, one another and our quite open and free sexuality. I’m not gonna ask forgiveness for something that makes me and my hal feel so fine.

Fall is in.

I feel incredibly well.

Karim played the poker tournament at Casino, in Venice. There were seriously a number of jerks there. No class whatsoever. On saturday night instead there were interesting people at tables. I discovered that Roulette bores me to death. BlackJack gets annoying after a while. But I love to follow Karim playing Poker. Though… sorry, my luck gets no comparison. I know 😉

I made him pay in nature.

That was a double win.

Happy day everyone. Gotta start to cook for him. He’s ready to come over here soon. 😉


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