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Posted on: 16 September 2009

Good morning everyone!

It seems that this music-less week at lab is going to continue, as there aren’t yet solutions to the blown-up speakers. I fear we will have to wait Monday to fix this, which is a MAJOR trouble for me.

Spending hours with no music around kills my spirit, you know.

But there are things that are always capable to raise my mood, and that for instance happened yesterday, just at this hour, when I was checking as usual Divine Adam’s tweets

He was writing this:  “Get it on” is on tv. I can’t stop watching it. I think I need to see a doctor about it”. It was clear from start he wasn’t quoting nor T-Rex’s song, nor Marvin Gaye’s record so I asked Karim for a clue and he said he was most certainly referring about a Durex commercial, and then showed me what he was talking about, on the SuperFad site: http://www.superfad.com/player.php?project=251&item=566

I started laughing and I couldn’t stop. Damn, Adam… this really is one of the colest and funniest (not to mention USEFUL.. Safe sex is basic to good life) things I’ve ever come to see.

I let you all share the amusement (on the SuperFad site there are also three amazing outtakes, and number three makes me crack fully!)

Durex Commercial

Adam… since you mentioned this yesterday I’ve become obsessed 😉 I might have to go and see a doctor as well, LOL!

I will later post the collage about Adam’s *sun*, whom he has flewn back from Suisse on Monday to keep spending time with (he’s so sweet when he’s in love…) and whom now’s got a name, Angela (cute cute cute), just to keep back in track about Prince’s lovely life, don’t worry.

By the way I haven’t a clue which one of the November gigs I will attend along Charisse (Karim’s cousin) but I guess some of the first, so I can attach the New York trip with Maroon5 catch.

She’s in charge of the tickets: she knows I don’t need to know, I just need to go so she can make me a surprise and just take me there when it’s meant to ;).

Today is Wii Championship evening, yall: and talkin about games, I forgot to tell that of course I’m gonna get Band Hero as it comes out and customize myself as Adam 😉 AH! These things are so cheesy and I SO love them 😉

It’s two days that I am at Karim’s place at night. Today the Wii is gonna be played here actually.

I so love to stay here.  have always loved lofts, they can get so personal, and he truly knows how to make them his own. He asked what I thought of his parents gift (they gave me a Kindle, with covers in leather and 100 books in in three languages 🙂 AMAZING!!!!) and I said I was shocked. They shouldn’t have.

He said that they really like me. Way more than they show or tell me. He then added he hopes this doesn’t scare me off nor will ake me run out of his reach.

It won’t happen.

I stay so comfortable with you, Special K. I couldn’t ask for more. And it’s about me and you and nobody else. I’m glad your parents like me. My parents adore you in fact. But it wouldn’t matter even if they would be acting totally different. I do love to be with you. The only one you have to conquer is me, the only one I have to conquer is you, and that’s already in the books. So the rest can be fine and cute, but it’s all a plus that in the end doesn’t count.

Yesterday he was sculpting.

He’s so incredibly sexy when he does that. You can see all his toned body pulsing while it gets sweaty, while he works with chisel and hammer and the resounding smashes change the shape of marble. He gest so into the stone, glaring at it like it’s a living thing that he hypnotizes me.

I adore to admire him while he works out his art.

I also adore, when I just can’t cope with the arising passion he inspires me, to do my best to take him off from the stone and the work.

Yesterday as usual it didn’t take me that much.

Make sex with Karim is the ultimate experience. In my book he has reached by now 15 out of 10. A bomb.

The other day Teo walked in at the lab (Karim was still in Frisco) and he asked me if I will aver play with him again.

“I miss our sexual chemistry, and although Karim’s really a cool guy, I can’t stand to stare at you two. I’m not jalous, you know… I just miss our friendly benefiting situation. That was the best sex I ever had.”

I loved his sincerity. In fact I keep receiving these kind of proposals by all of my former “special friends”. Karim knows this, I’m not one who hides, and at first he was worried I might have accepted something while he was not around. Actually before April I was doing that, and he knows. But now… not anymore. I said the ony way Teo (or whomever else) can hope to have again sex wth me is if Karim would ask for something more playful and kinky, a threesome or similar, just for my own pleasure. None of my sexual interests have ever been “bi” so that would really be a super pleasant thing for me mostly, but after the Mashudo’s thing I don’t think Karim will be ready any soon for another threesome.

I don’t put limits out. But it belongs to his will. That’s part of our bond.

I’m completely satisfied in him.

I never thought I would ever said a sentence like this. I’m so happy I can.

While we’re gonna be in New York he’s gonna have that fourth tattoo he was telling once. We’re gonna stop by East Side Ink Tattoo and the tat itself will be sketched by me out from his idea (then the artist will of course make it the best he can!). He’s gonna draw over his chest, right where the heart is, a rose that blossoms into a shining sun.

The meaning is clear: my neame means “rose” and my nickname refers to Japanese Goddess of the Sun.

I have to say this is the most flattering, amazing thing a man has ever done for me.

I won’t ever ink myself, but I can so fully guess those like him who put over their bodies things that matter for them. To have that tat over the heart for life sure is more than a BIG sign of love.

I’ll make you never regret that, Special K.

Never ever.

Have all a shining day and… ops, I almost forgot… Adam and Angela’s collage when he took her in New York last week. Awwww: they’re so so cute together 🙂

Adam and Angela at the airport, 10th september 2009

Adam and Angela at the airport, 10th september 2009


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