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I guess no Geneva Lake this weekend?

Posted on: 13 September 2009

Tokio Imperial Palace (ancient bastion)

Tokio Imperial Palace (ancient bastion)

Good morning!

Writing from a silent lab. Diffusion of iPod is unworking due to a speakers blow, caused by this past night’s storming, and so I have to take all chemical tests today in silence and this pisses me off completely, united with this shit weather.

To add insult to injury, the other metereopathic I take care of, sweet Divine A., is just now telling us he’s again flying back to Cali, after mere 4 days back in Switzerland.

ARGH!!!!!! This means easily I can pack and throw away plans to go to Geneva Lake this Friday for a few days.

This also mean all my rush to get spare days this weekend to be added to my permission was a waste.

But this means now I can claim these days hopefully for the November warm-up college tour of the babies, considering also beside K’naan there is a secret special guest they won’t reveal yet.


Let’s just wait and see. It’s getting hard to cope with Adam’s moves. Has he found a way to kill his flight repulsion? So many planes at such a quick rate…  Pratyahara step in Ashtanga yoga has finally helped him in getting acquainted with planes?

So, in this music-less lab today I have to find a way to keep focused and up in mood.

I mightjust watch what Karim gifted me with yesterday.

Oh, dear… he’s such a wonderful guy.

Not only he was constantly helping me during saturdays coping with his parents arrival (I was dead from a night-ending at 8 in the morning dance that left me with 4 hours of sleep till the pickin up at airport, and with a buzz in my ears that didn’t end untile yesterday… and he helped me not resulting an ass with his parents, and also with mines…), not only the night we have got to finally spend together again after his coming back to USA for a few days was simply memorable… not only yesterday he was so sweet and lovely with everybody of my family and his and more… well, he just gifted me with something that SURE is childlike, cheesy and absurd… butstill is something that totally shows he’s on my wave lenght.

In mind, spirit, body… everything.

He gifted me (and himself) a series of parachuting lessons.

I WILL FLY!!!!!!!!!

You know, my dearest friends, I’ve always had this huge wish of jumping in the air and fly in the sky.

Yes, I’m terrified and electrified at once.

That training curse costs an eye of a living body, cos it’s long, defined, personal and double.

And he land it to me smiling and say:

“I just told you I would have gifted you the entire sky, if you’d ever allow me to. So… this is it. I love you so much this feels just like natural. Gotta bring the most brightest star where she belongs: up in the blue sky.”


Isn’t he so marvelous?

He has also agreed in letting his cousin (a female girl I just met twice last year while in USA, but a total fan as me and a total cool girl from what I got to test then) coming with me if I will ever get to book the places for the College gigs.

“Don’t wanna ruin you anything. I promised I will unleash your freakness about M5 freely. And so I step back from that gig chase. It’s your territory. I respect that, and show you how much so.”

The way we have made out after that speech of Karim is something that should be put on repeat to erase pain and sadness from world.

A total heaven.


I am watchin Kanye’s rant at VMA.

Damn, Kanye… what the hell were you thinkin about?!?

I really don’t like Country pop either but please, that poor Taylor is such a sweet creature, so kind and fresh and cute… at least she sings her own songs and plays a guitar, sure the songs aren’t that great but that’s way better than autotuning Rihanna, just to name a flipping name you love?!?!????

WRONG move Mr. West. Really, really dumb one. The “apology” later on your blog is even a further miss-step. I know you still convinced you are right in your judgement, I someway even agree with you, but trash that poor child her own glory moment was so, so, SO mean. Uncalled and cruel.

Still love u as a music genius but damn, that is gonna cost you Grammy album of the Year FOR SURE (Late Registration was anyway a better effort, and if that didn’t get that honour, sure 808 mustn’t either).

Anyway the ONLY worthing thing at VMA’s was MUSE.

Way beyond anything else there.

The only ones singing live for real, too. Real music, too.

The Resistance is a fantastic album.

AND I CAN’T PLAY IT NOW cos of the iPod system failure at lab.



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