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Japan: haiku of undescribable love. And DivA update.

Posted on: 6 September 2009

Tokio: Imperial Palace side of ancient fortress

Tokio: Imperial Palace side of ancient fortress


Here I am then.

Back from last weekend’s sudden and amazing trip to Garda Lake (weather: top!!! Karim surfed a lot and we had just one of the best stops there in the whole spring summer 09!!!), and after the Japan trip has ended.

It took me a while to update the blog.

So much going on inside. SO MUCH.

I don’t even know what I am about to write here; you  have followed me through all Twitter’s posts while I was in the blessed Nihon so you shoul know what it has happened there, or the way it has made me feel being finally there, where everything makes sense to me, even when I don’t understand it.

I have hundreds of pics, and actually hours of handycam memories (which I won’t really post, cos there you can see my man and I and we don’t like the world that doesn’t know us to violate our sacred privacy), but you will be made part only of those in the Twitpic account of mine (not all of them might be about Japan, and I will increase the collection as days go by of course!). It’s not about being strict: it’s that the memories are fully precious and deep, and there are many that we want only our closest people to be part of. You know, although I am a very explicative and talkative person, or so I do seem also online, fact is that my real precious things are preserved from outside’s curiosity.

Which is why my peeps treasure me, I guess.

Back to the point.


Oh, Lord… what a wonderful experience that has been.

Everything was just topping my wildest hopes and expectations. All that I have grown up with, the cartoons, the art, the anime, the literature, the theathre, the fashion style I’ve always been fond of, the crazyness, the hyper new, the hyper old… the poetry of smallest things, the hugeness of skyscrapers and buildings, the kindness and the nerdiness, the unique and the absurd, the gentle and the reserved… all was just like I was loving it to be, just more lovingly, and more deservingly all of my love.

I feel so near to that Country.

And everytime I was making clear I was Italian, they seemed so genuinely touched I, whom I belong to (in their eyes.. and mines too, of course!) “Most beautiful Country in the whole world” could feel so amazed by their own Country (which they are so totally devoted to.. something almost unthinkable for us Italians…), they actually made me feel proud of being from Italy. Which is a great step, considering how much I am ashamed my Country is represented by such individuals as Berlusconi.

Japan made me proud to be Italian.


But really… it’s so overwhelming what Japan is in my eyes, that I could write for a month and I wouldn’t be able nor to list or describe how and deeply being there has empowered me and my life and my spirit.

I’ll definitely be back there. I want to learn Japanese so much more now.

Karim didn’t tell me he knew some of it (well, a fair part of it actually.. in Otsu he was fluently communicating with everybody, making me feel like an ass…which I am), but thanks to his connections we had a pretty incredible time with real Japanese people, which is the best way by far to get acuqainted with the real spirit of any Country.

I tend always to forget that Karim is the son of an Ambassador. The grandson of a diplomathic. The fact he knows so many languages comes naturally from his life history. But for me Karim is just my man, the adorable wonderful creature I was sent from above to amend and tame my terrible flaunting personality.

Personality which he loves. I actually love it too 😉

Being in Japan with him has just added magic to an unratable level at something that by itself was already meant to be perfect with me.

TOO MUCH, indeed.

We have spent hours reaching the peaks of any possible way to merge powerfully together. You know, we’re kind of sex addicts and addicted to one another, but play our games in Japan, since we both love Eastern practices, has added even more juice and flair and style if I can say it to our… personal ways to reach heaven in two.

There’s something indeed very sexy and kinky about Japan and it sexualized us in fantasious ways.

The nature, the way houses are made… well I wasn’t really that excited in making love under hot tepid or cold water since I’ve been in Finland years ago.

Just that having Karim in this was of course a MAJOR improvement of everything. Man’s SO talented. It takes a lot to make somebody like me praise a lover even after so many months of exchanges together. Really… it’s like everytime there’s something unexpected or just earthshattering. You know that Shakira She Wolf video? Well, I howl at moon. I howl at sun. I howl. Everytime.

He said Japan makes me more reflective. More ready to listen. Maybe it’s cos that philosophy you can find everywhere indeed calms me and puts me at peaceful points. But it’s not that merely. I mean.. there was a Japan side that totally was making me wild!!!

In fact I loved to hear Karim speak. I loved to watch him going around.

We even dressed as Japanese people. He bought yukatas and then in Osaka we went in this sartorial place where he shown me a series of celebratory kimonos.

MY oh my… do they cost or what?!? Well… I tried several and then when it was about one in white, golden and blue sky, with birds and flowers over and red and purple eri and tomoeri, he said:

“You have to take this one: you truly look like Amaterasu’s back with her light to cheer the world.”

I wasn’t really moving a muscle. That thing, complete with all decorations for hair, the lil purse, the zoris and all that completed the mise, was to cost him the equivalent of 26000 euros, included the sending in Italy.

But by now I know Karim enough to realize he is never meant to joke about these things. And he wasn’t.

“I can’t accept.” I said.

“Sure you can. I will buy it anyway and gift you anyway with it. So that I will take the fine pleasure of dressing you up with it, and undressing you as well, anytime we will feel like to. Somebody calling herself Amaterasu in nickname won’t resist the tease of owning such a fine piece of artistry over her soft skin.”

The kimono will arrive next week.

You can bet we will do some Kabuki renewed moves ourselves as I will wear it.

At work my collegues are hinting that Karim and I should get officially together.

I said that’s not the way we work. We DO are together. There’s no need of any visible testify of it. We are young and we know what we want.

It’s clear by now we want one another.


But we have our own way to live this thing. Many don’t get it, and we can’t care less.

Next week his parents come visiting us in Italy. My parents are all excited, and we keep calm everybody down, cos they are maybe imagining we will announce engagements or stuff like that.


We belong to one another. That is anough for us to know. People better stop to get itchy about their own way to intend commitment. We have our way to feel committed to one another and we won’t change that.

*subtle message to Marghe* 😉

I don’t know if we will be able to reach LA house before end of November.

Furnishing is done (Karim’s parents took care of controlling the steps for us) and so we can get there whenever we like to. But end of October is already New York. So not many spaces. The plan of working in California for me starts by February 2010. Trips have to be organized carefully.

Talkin about New York!!!

It’s not that I have forgotten Prince A., of course.

Beside the fact after the party at his Hollywood home last Friday he seems disappeared from Twitter, and his last tweet (which is up from 2 and half days, proving him as a totally unable to be a diplomatic PR of himself, thing that I DO LOVE about him, cos it proves him a true person, and somebody who won’t display a fake personality just cos that would be so fancy to sell) reads: “Porno….”big trouble in little vagina” (Adam 😉 you bratty bratty man… that was probably screened at the aforementioned party to make everybody have a good laugh – or maybe some of the actors were hanging there as well? Cali, the porn reign…) the lovely creature has something going on on the East Side, as when he got back temporarily from Geneva Lake he fancied the company of this gal. Just his type, indeed.

Adam's and GF New York bliss 25-26-Aug-09

Adam's and GF New York bliss 25-26-Aug-09

Whatever makes Divine Adam happy, it makes me happy.

He shaved his hair too so record is nearly completed, although just the other day he mentioned there is a potential last song that he’s perfectioning still with Sam Farrar (awwww…. Baby Vesper is so cute!!! Sam posted pics of her on his Twitter and she is adorable.  With the best Godfather ever, you know…). He will soon leave to Geneva Lake again to reach Jesse and James and Mutt and complete the lot. I plan of course the catching. You can bet that. But most important, can’t wait for new songs.

JFYI: you won’t see any leak in my pages. Leaking online is something I loathe.

Have all a great start of week.

Mine is supreme 🙂


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