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Divine Adam Q&A

Posted on: 6 August 2009

I am a vacationing gal tillAugust 31 and to celebrate a wonderful day, that I have spent by religiusly listening ONLY to female singers, at around my lunch time, checking with collegues (females, of course) Divine A. tweeting nest , I got the ultimate gift. He would have graced us with Question&Answer time, today.

At my lab, half of the attendance swoon in awe (the rest were males).

The lovely fact is actually that he answered one of my questions, too 🙂 🙂 🙂, and gave some treasured insights about randm stuff (and just revealing me that when the previous days he said that he “rode a triumph” he meant properly THE BIKE Triumph – British one – not, as I thought back then, that he had a champion-like riding on his own (though the two things are probably merging still).

Can’t help. It’s a proper adoration the one I have for him. I found wonderful that he actually questions himself and the way his way to be can get better. I find all he says so human, so intelligent, deep and full of sensitivity. Then he’s also absolutely funnyand hilarious. People as good looking should never be funny. Let alone talented in anything. It’s like too much, you know.

Seriously, he’s adorable.

Karim is cooking for me this evening. He’s joking with me about my total crush but as usual he’s so understanding he puts me in a bad light by contrast. He knows I’m never gonna recover from my sweet disease.

Anyway, fact is that I feel empathic with Adam.His thoughts and his views in so incredible ways match mines. The more he tweets, the more this gets almost scaring.

Best answer of today?

This one (I also adored the open love declaration for his hometown. I feel also that rooting pride defining a human being, that idea of belnging with a touch of romance over it):

“my definition of success. Loving and being loved. Helping and being helped. Being able to wake up every morning and smile.”

I couldn’t imagine a better definition for my feeling of loving life, or any better reason to it.

Wish you all a wonderful August. I’l be tweeting from Japan, but I guess no blogs till I get back 😉 (anyway we leave on sat night…)


1 Response to "Divine Adam Q&A"

It was awesome to read the Q&A. Truly he’s so charming, anything he says is like golden. And yes, I do agree, handsome people shouldn’t ALSO be funny. It’s too much 🙂
Have a marv trip in Japan, Miss Z. 🙂 I’ll try and catch yours (and adam’s) tweeting still from the sea (I’m just getting there NOW!)

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