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Morning Glory

Posted on: 30 July 2009

CandyMan remains with the Lakers!!!!!!!

CandyMan remains with the Lakers!!!!!!!

I might even start listening to Oasis’ record straight… cos truly this is morning glory!!!!

Just woke up.

After one of the best ever nights in my life (the one who’s responsible for it sleeps in my bed still.. he looks so harmless there… I might take a further look and get back here writing :)) – back – I wake up and guess what?!?

Lamar is still with us!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO darn happy.

I couldn’t think of him leaving the Lakers, it was enough to lose Ariza, but I couldn’t imagine me at Staples this winter (I’ll get there while in LA, I could never miss that out!) without my CandyMan.

Just to realize that I am a Twitter user in full now (shame on me… I thought never ever anything web-related would catch me but here I am… trapped ;)) first thing I did was to Twitter Lamar!!!!!! here 🙂 then to write at LA Times Lakers blog my message of happy nonsense about the stay, then breathe in 😉 😉 😉

I really am so happy.

Now I can leave to Japan carefree, and enjoy my summer fully.

Today I have to write to my dear M. (I should have yesterday, but Karim just… decided to come unexpectedly at me and we… had lots to practice together. There are aspects of Kundalini Yoga I just wanna get SO practiced about 😉 😉 😉 More. More. More), then I will have to set in with the labs assistants what they have to touch and what they mustn’t while I am away for holiday.

I think I’ll miss the lab in Japan.

NO WAY, I’m kidding.

In Divine Adam’s twitter watch I just get everyday more amazed. He even reminded me of one of most outrageous things ever purchased by one of my friends, Chia pets (in Italy of course we had others names for them… way less funny than Chia Pet, so I won’t even mention them), hinting that his vow about completing the record involves “not shave and not cut my hair”… therefore by now he looks quite like one of those greengrass growing “things”.

Chia Pets (or current Adam's head ;))

Chia Pets (or current Adam's head ;))

He’s hilarious. Really impossible not to love.

So… Let’s have breakfast, take a shower (alone is not that funny…) dress and leave to lab.

Wish you all a wonderful wonderful day. Mine has started with stars in my eyes and heart.

My sweet kiss to Lamar 🙂 🙂 🙂


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