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Alice in Wonderland and E.T

Posted on: 27 July 2009

Good morning!

I woke up and as I have to wait for people to come at the lab, so I can start working, I’m checkin out some stuff that I like over the web. First stop, the trailer of Alice in Wonderland!!!! I just CAN’T WAIT for the new powerful rendition of the primary bond Burton&Depp. I have always loved Alice’s story and the visionary director, alongside my fav actor are the only ones who can reach perfection broadcasting the magic and the depth of the not so talish-like story of it.

Burton just is love for me.

Depp is the greatest actor of his own and all the subsequent generations. When I hear that the garbage that is Twilight and the mediocre actors in it would love to compare to Depp’s amazing versatility and depth I cringe. Are you serious? Those are not actors and moreover they have NOTHING of the true sexyness of Johnny.

Okay.. back to my senses.

Today I feel movie like. Yesterday Karim arrived at my house and we saw for the third time Iron Man. Talkin about huge actors, well, Robert D. Junior really has it too. I wonder how Iron Man 2 will be, With him, granted great. With Gwyneth and Scarlett… erm… not so granted (but they’re both married with awesome people, especially Gwyneth, aren’t they? ;)).  Today we want to watch Il Divo again.

We have also got through a reading over L’Espresso, just to find out an awesome piece of writing by Alessandro Piperno on New York, that totally made us want to get there again.. I suppose in October, but not for the NY marathon. Maybe we’ll take the week before and in that case try to really catch Kanye + Gaga.

If you’re wondering, sure I’m already checkin Adam’s tweets. Every single time more it’s just a confirmation on why I do adore him so completely. You can go from this (I suppose he can’t sleep in the quietness of Alps ;)):

hell: quiet beautiful places heaven: loud obnoxious cities does that make me a weirdo?”

where you can get so totally he just loves chaos and things throwed and swhirling around him (that’s very much fitting his curious and open nature, and probably his artistic spirit spiralling, surely)… and then have this reveal, totally showing him for the adorable, tenderly sweet, amazing sensitive person he is:

“favorite movie? ET….hands Down.”

I mean… E.T.!!!!!!!!! When I read this yesterday evening I melted totally. E.T. means first he’s linked still to what was probably one of the first movie he has ever seen; then E.T. is a masterpiece of universal love, it’s fantasy ruling, it shows hope, it’s against racism, against war, against fears, and dreamy. It’s all about positivity, and about overcoming pain with love and trust and bravery. It’s open space without creepy aliens wanting to destroy us. It’s open space where other people can come down and being fine with us, and actually make us better.

THIS is is favourite movie “hands down”. Now tell me if he isn’t most adorable creature on Planet Earth.



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[…] (you know it, it’s E.T., and the fact THAT is always makes my heart melt in tenderness… you know what I think of that already), and unsurprisingly shortly after we got the news Russian Sweet Fairy was heading back to […]

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