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Too addictive— damn!

Posted on: 23 July 2009

I knew from the very first second I saw Adam’s got his personal tweets that I would have become addicted to that. Which is sweet and also TERRIBLE, cos I hate spend time over the web when there’s absolute no need of it.

But what can I do? My brain drives hands over the iPhone so that I can check it. Plus he’s trying to convince all the guys doing it also (James already there) and this could make me like hyper frenzy.

It’s almost scaring me fully out, if it wouldn’t that it’s hella funny “hearing” him talk through vision instead than listening.

Can’t help.. he cracks me up.

Today I was at laboratory and then I read this: “I don’t need drugs. I AM drugs”

So true on so many levels.

Still, I gotta discipline myself and allow twitter checks just like… once or twice a day or like today I will spend all time at work checkin phone or pc out.

Karim is gonna kill me this time and he would be right.

But I just can’t resist and now I will go to the Lake even by sole walking 😉

Adam… darn you!!!! You can’t imagine the mess that you’ve put my daily life in with your (blessed) decision to tweet. I see also troubles coming cos somebody’s easy at rushing addictions to new things 😉 And I’m not speaking just of myself.

Right… now I stop all connections. Till tomorrow at midday at least 😛


2 Responses to "Too addictive— damn!"

I get your point. But still I’m not very familiarizaed with Twitter. I’m just anxiously waiting for that. Hope it doesn’t transform in your drug or I’ll have to create APA. :):)

[…] don’t need drugs. I AM drugs! (okay… get back here… and see me smiling now just like I did writing that past July 2009 […]

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