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Geneva Lake and Mutt Lange: AMAZING

Posted on: 10 July 2009

Good afternoon from a recovering gal 😉

I am fine and okay, actually, the sympthomes of my previous illness had disappeared completely and I had a pretty regular week at work, which is sending right now. Karim and I along some other friends are actually about to leave towards our usual spot, my house at Garda Lake, which is empty for two weekd more as my parents will reach there by the end of July just.

Talking about Lakes… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! My beloveds are coming in Europe to record… A dream come true!  Okay, gotta be senseful here but since I’ve read the news I could barely hold myself for the joy.

Yessir, Maroon 5 are heading to Geneva Lake to record next album with…. Legendary Robert MUTT Lange!!!!! Excellent choice. I mean.. PURELY excellent. Mutt is known for being a purist and a perfectionist of sound and style of recording. Some of the best ever ever works in rock and pop rock (and country, but that’s noyt my aim here) are his. It’s a wonderful choice. Can’t stop smiling since I knew this. Here I found a very insightful article that explains well what I mean about being a huge professional and carving artist of production: read it and you’ll see (sorry, it’s in English so the Italians reading the other version of this blog won’t maybe get it… sorry, I can’t translate what I haven’t written personally…).

Montreux, Freddy Mercury Statue

Montreux, Freddy Mercury Statue

James said to the NME that they are completely open to his sight on the material. Knowing the way Maroon 5 can take their time to polish the material themselves, and how much Lange is famous for forcing artists to stay working even for a year, I guess (as planned) we won’t see anything surface before February/March 2010. Then let’s go with April: my birthday time 😉 That’d be the most amazing gift I could ask for. All I know is that I will adore that touch of legend over my adored boys’s creations.

Small pieces of note about the recording sites. Well, I’ve used a bit my brain (Lange is also famous for being VERY reclusive, another quality the guys certainly approve) and these are my guess:

Sunset on Geneva Laje from Montreux

Sunset on Geneva Laje from Montreux

Lange has been often using Montreux Mountain Studios to record. Those were used by nonetheless than mighty Freddie Mercury, and they’ve been lately relocated from the Montreux Casino to an upper location some miles away over the mountaines, in a lovely chalet. Wherever, certainly Montreux is the choice more likely for the recording duties (awwwww… Prince Adam hanging around Montreux Castle… awwww!!!!).

Chateau De Chillon, Montreux, SWI

Chateau De Chillon, Montreux, SWI

It’s very very nerby both to La Tour De Peilz (where Lange used to live with former wife Shania Twain, in a HUGE castle) and the neighboring town of Corseaux, where he lives in another villa over the Lake. It’s Vaud Region of Geneva Lake. I love there… I love their french accent and I drool just imagining the guys having to deal with French speaking people 🙂 🙂 🙂

I can easily see myself programming a trip round there. I actually have friends in the area, we could even try to rent a boat 😉 Karim is already scared what i might program now, but ehy!!! Lovely 5 have never been THIS near to my hometown and never for such a long space of time. Can I waste the chance without even trying? (then they might be recording elsewhere, but odds are not high on that).

The Way You Look Tonight

The Way You Look Tonight

While I dream about impromptus meetings with my musical angels, I can happily bless my ears with their latest and unexpected gift 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sinatra’s cover for an Apple iTunes special Compilation that has just surfaced, the amazing “The Way You look Tonight”

Jesse and Adam worked with David Campbell for the producing duties and the completely clean and classy arrangements, while (I guess) recording demos in preproduction for next album’s sessions, and I love the way Adam declared to Billboard his amazement on the request of covering Frank. The guy just has as well an amazing taste, no doubt.

I for one I have listened to the song a good 97 times since I bought it on tuesday 😉 I rushed to iTunes USA just to discover later that it was available also on iTunes Italy 😉 Oh, well…. It’s brilliant.

I am sad there won’t be a video cos I would adore to see Adam holding a microphone in the style of the 50s 😉

So… okay… I have ranted enough about my lovely babies so I can leave for Garda now 😉 (I wonder where Adam is gonna leave his Harley Davidson… will he bring it on Swiss roads? I also tried to guess what he did to customize it the way it is: It looks like a Softail FXCWC… but with differencies really marked in the detailes, and not merely detailes (handlebars, just to name one of the heavy changes). Maybe he’s gonna try riding horses instead of bikes. I always do when I am at big lakes… nature surrounds are just emphasized while being on top of a horse.

Okay… Gotta go: hope to have been helpful with the news 😉 I will try to create a YouTube video putting together Operation Aloha and Sinatra’s cover in a couple of weeks 🙂



3 Responses to "Geneva Lake and Mutt Lange: AMAZING"

I just hope that does not interfere in the process of songwriting cos I just love the fact that the group is the only one involved inthe composing process. He seems to be a great producer, but I only want him as a producer not involved in songwriting.

No worries, songwriting is their territory (Mutt helps with artists that cannot completely write, like his former wife Shania Twain) and they won’t let anybody step in. They were always very stubborn in this: think that at the time of Kara’s Flowers (and they were teens then) they worked with Rob Cavallo – yeah, that Rob Cavallo, the one behind almost all Green Day, Goo-Goo Dolls, Alanis Morrisette, and so on – and not even then they let him change what they did write for themselves. No woories: he will be an axcellent producer though. Excellent under every point of view 🙂
(PS: I’m heading to Garda Lake… I will answer your beautiful mail tomorrow morning, this evening is Karim’s and I… hot cuddling time ;))

Hi there! I just want to say that your son has the most amazing voice. I have litterally all their albums. Its neat to know that this world is a small place.

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