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Too much of Cali…

Posted on: 2 July 2009

Heya everybody!

I know, I’ve been like unreacheable for days and you might have wondered where the hell I actually disappeared. Slow the quest. I was struck up in my bed and for doing no funny things. As we stepped off the plane with Karim, in like 12 hours we both fell seriously ill. Fever reached  40 Celsius degrees for me… almost for him.

Don’t  be mean: sex and what we did on the plane didn’t cause any of that!

Doctor said it has been probably some of the food we’ve eaten the last days. Which means CRUX of death over a certain Beverly Hills restaurant! (I won’t mention it cos it happens to be QUITE famous!)

So I haven’t been able to get back to work, and I barely watched even tv while sweating and losing all my tan (ARGH!!!): either way, it would have been just MJ, and rightly so. It was seriously touching to catch the love for him the last day in LA.

I learnt that also here things are like a tearful homage to him. Again, I reapeat, MUSICALLY he deserves the legend status. I fear he will be exploited now that he’s dead, though.

Anyway… the Cali trip was fantastic. I can’t even start… all memories are so precious and I feel so blessed and… well… I think I am starting to understand a bit what “being in love” might mean. With all the exceptions, with all the question marks around… I really enjoy being with Karim. I truly do.

The last two days we’ve actually spent lot of time also with his family. They’re nice. They will probably come and visit their son in Italy around september. Another chance to speak a bit with my parents, as well, I presume.

Over the phone Karim shared his ideas about the Cali life and what I will need to customize myself once there for more than a week 😉 or two… It’s funny the way he thinks he’s actually completely fine with teh Italian way of life (he’s not) so he feels like he can land advices to me about how to become a Cali impersonator 😉

I won’t ever wear flip flops the way Californians do. I won’t ever think their dressing style is fine. I won’t. Ever.

Fair exception (you know whom I am gonna mention) in everything, my beloved idol. He can do whatever he likes, dress and wander like he wants and no matter what, I am gonna find him perfect.

Adam in San Feliz, 30th June 2009

Adam in San Feliz, 30th June 2009

This is a pic taken two days ago in San Feliz, California. This summer is his Easy Rider phase 😉 we can’t do anything about it (I guess that biker mood will someway surface in Maroon5’s next record… I have no doubt about it), so get ready to see that bike like till December. Awww 🙂 I bet he gave her a name ;).

By the way I am curious to death to discover what he’s drawing on his chest. Both sides are now inked, I saw that from the cleavage of the shirt and also from the shades on a pic of some days ago. I wanna know!!!!

😉 I am no patient, need to decode his mood through those.

Another thing I won’t ever share with Cali mood in fact are tats. I like them on people when people are fit enough to wear them comfortably, but for no reason I would ever spade my skin with needles. Lightweight? You can bet that 😉

Well, mostly is that I can’t see myself wearing anything all my life long. I get too tired with things. And I don’t think my body could be a nice map 😉

Karim has got three tattoes. He said he plans a fourth, just for my eyes to see. (Lucilla, if you read I have nothing against your wings tat!! I think it’s beautiful and fits you lovely!)

If Karim likes I can draw a tribal for him 🙂

Catch you later on, people. I would have loved to update my YouTube, but I will probably on saturday. I need rest 😉

Adam June 2009

Adam June 2009


3 Responses to "Too much of Cali…"

I know that you love my tat, don’t worry Miss 😉

Miss Z. it still hurts a little bit watching him with those things in his body, but I have to be strong and overcome it. Also, your pictures are kind of paparazzi ones.

I could never ever stalk my adored Adam 😉 I never do 🙂

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