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Gigs, cameras, dreams and untiming with Divine A.

Posted on: 22 June 2009

Coldplay in Vancouver, June 2009

Coldplay in Vancouver, June 2009

Waiting for the plane, using the portable pc to update (love the way it connects with iPhone!!!) and sharing thoughts about cloudy Vancouver where, nonetheless, we had a blast yesterday at Coldplay gig!!!

They TAPED IT!!!!!

I might see myself in the next Coldplay dvd 😉 which would just rock, you know 🙂

What can I say about the concert… I so love the four knights that anything they do to me is like perfect. There are some rules at their gigs: the first and always more important is that any gig of them gets emotional, every gig of them is beautiful, and I have come to learn sometimes crowd is better outside Britain for them than in their homecountry. But really, it was lovely.

Karim won’t ever agree, but I am sure he at least enjoyed some of the oldest songs. And then he has to love Lovers in Japan whatever way 😉

I SO hope they taped us and we’re gonna be seen 😉

Adam in Malibu 1

Adam in Malibu 1

Anyway, we’re heading back to LA for just some more days.We leave on Friday evening… even though I would love to stay more.

There’s just one thing that I just learnt thanx to Mash’s sending to us slightly after the gig was ended. In order: Divine A and the sweet babies all have a Twitter account now!!! Love the fact you can’t tell which one of them is writing, but I could guess. I always will ;=)

Secondhandly, it seems that scientifically Adam avoided to give me a chance to cross him again (or Karim has superpowers preventing me from more lovely sights).

Adam in Malibu (with lakers coloured cap ;) )

Adam in Malibu (with lakers coloured cap 😉 )

Evidence n° 1: we leave Chateau Marmont to head at Holiday Inn and be nearer to the Parade,  we plan to saty there till Vancouver leaving and guess what? Those very days Adam’s back there (getting ready to be festive with Cammie getting her star on the Hollywood Boulevard? I will miss that as well cos I’m flying, darn…)

Evidence n° 2: before leaving to Vancouver, we get to Malibu.

Adam in Malibu 3

Adam in Malibu 3

Okay, Malibu’s not exactly small BUT all I know is that I actually went surely to Cross Creek (which is a mall… Californian are just liek Italians about those), cos I love shopping and I wanted something cute for the gig.


Just look and guess who went there as well in a completely (as usual) lovely mood (Adam would never be cruel to a fan, but knowing he hugged a girl the way I saw in a pic that I won’t post, cos it hurts, KILLS me).

Adam in Malibu 4

Adam in Malibu 4

Yeah, I know… I read somewhere that in the pic is Becky… No way, Becky is taller, slimmer and way hotter (just look when he brought her at Lakers games this past winter).

Or she might be shrinking cos Adam, for how lovely he is, dared to declare that yeah, in someway he keeps “seeing” Cameron. Which doesn’t mean much knowing his antics, but we will get the output we all know about “I might even start to write something about her in a song”.


Adam in Malibu 5

Adam in Malibu 5

This sounds perfect 😉

So, bad timing up this round except for the very first hours of my trip.  BUt no troubles and no worries. eptember comes soon and by then I have an apartment in the Town of Angels 😉

Just read their Twitter. Gotta buy those books they mention 😉 . Karim says that is a great book in fact. Wow 😉

Right, I complete the posting and then get ready for the plane. Also… you know Karim and I LOVE to get cozy on planes:the way he smiles as I write this tells me it’s gonna be a GREAT flight 😉

Cu 😉


3 Responses to "Gigs, cameras, dreams and untiming with Divine A."

Rebecca? No way 😉 Anyway, Miss, when you get back again in Cali and you have the pad.. can I sleep over? 😉 This if Karim’s isn’t there 😉

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No, I don’t think MJ killed himself. I hope not to. And about your site, nice but I am doing fine with my money 😉

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