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Insane and wonderful roadtrip in the night

Posted on: 15 June 2009

Pau_Kobe_HugAh, the sweet taste of something to remember for life…

When we did plan this trip to Cali coincidentally with the (hopefuls) last games of the NBA finals, Karim and I dreamt both, without telling each other, we would have witnessed what we did this past night.

And we both hoped we would have been part of a new parade after 7 years of purgatory.

I can’t even think of it. All I know is that I have a dress to wear by Cavalli which is in chiffon yellow and purple and slightly lines in white.

PauTrevorKobeI don’t have any voice left, so I will recover it with appropriate drinkin medicine that will allow me to cheer the heroes from Figueroa to Coliseum. We are in line to arrange the Coliseum membership and if that’s the case (well, Karim’s family has lines to make that valid), wed is gonna be one of my fav days ever forever in my memory.

I am so proud of this team.

All my favourite players turned on to be the best 5 (I can’t stand Bynum, so rightly Ariza has taken him over, and Pau overshadowed him, and Lamar just towered over him and Fisher ran in his 6’1” way ahead of him and his unappropriate eneregy, too. Then of course, there’s KOBE, the only and one Black Mamba, but he’s another chapter in my preach… ;)), and the feeling is amazing.

LamarDerekKobeThese guys are a real team. They have past the worst and rised back to the top and all interviews I have caught yet are awesome. So real and honest. I will do a tube video for them. I will as I get back to Italy.


I have always valued him the highest since Air Jordan. But I like him more cos he’s more complex, he has faced tougher facts, he has that love I do have for my Country (Italy) and my other Country (Japan); he’s a tremendous player with untoucheable skill, which had always to battle more because nature didin’t give him all centimeters others greatest of all times could count on.

But he has always got what takes for real to reach the “beyond” level: heart&mind. In a no compromissory melting. He’s fierce, stubborn, and still he is able to reckon when he needs others, also for showing that he can surpass others. That tricky balance, that category of his own… the way he never smiles for keeping the focus, the way he’s harsh  (with himself first), the way he keeps willing even though people think he’s got alla from a life, that speaks volumes to me and makes me love him as a role model.

Kobe: thank you for inspiring me. Your daughtrers are amazing, and you’re an amazing superdad.


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