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Posted on: 1 June 2009

Okay, here we go… tomorrow we leave, flying from Linate to London at 8.15, waiting till midday and then fly over British Air to reach LAX by 15.15!!!! I can’t wait.

I can’t I can’t I can’t!!!!

Today is about packing stuff. I won’t bring much with me cos I plan MASSIVE shopping sessions, which will include I sense the must of new season, namely the rolled-at-bottom jeans.

La at dusk

La at dusk

Oh, LA… June is okay to be there. It’s not yet THAT humid and choking, and you can actually go to the beach like in full August here in Italy.

I have a five meeting scheduled with Real Estate Agencies, and I hope to find the small place  look forward to for buying it (with the fam we’ve agreed buying is the better option, renting a far away pad is just a bummer in the end).

Karim and I are so very excited. You know we’re meeting again his family. We have actually (well, I HAVE  actually) talked with them very often in the past months, they’ve come here, met my parents, my friends (call it a check? Right… ;)) and although we aren’t anything established or official et I sense they quite like what they might have to buy for a while.

I love Americans attitude towards private life of sons. Many think they don’t care, but it’s not about caring: is about following the growth of your son and then being assured you’ve thaught him/her the right principles of life, and then let them live, cos it’s ther own life you can’t control, and you mustn’t.

Karim’s parents, just like mines are very fond of him, they trust him and what he has become out of their inputs, they are there for him no matter what and therefore they try to see in me what he does.

It’s amazing the way he sees me.

That’s why now I am pretty confortable in takin him around searching for my apartment in Cali. Cos I would be glad if he would share it with me, or (like we are actually planning as Plan A) buy himself another one just in front/aside mine.

Yep, that’s the deal we are on about now.

These weeks apart from Italy will see me upgrade the blog via iPhone/BlackBerry mainly.

The game of the Lakers we’re gonna check is Game 2 at Staples. We are scared it might take a LOT to battle Magic so we are putting our money ALSO on a Game 6 (I can’t tell you the seemingly prices… call it a steal, and you’d be unfair…) But chances are slim.

Erm.. Okay now I can tell you: we will actually be ALWAYS at Chateau Marmont 😉 😉 😉

I knew Karim was ready to gift me with that.

But you know, no gossip here so my gals will know IF /WHEN the blessed chance of crossing Prince Adam via personal pics and text messaging. Here it will be shown only by our codes 😉

I adore Adam and the guys so I would NEVER ever break their privacy by spoiling them. This is my loyalty towards the people gifting me my best music moments. Same values for any other celebrity I love  might bump into. Those who I couldn’t care less about I won’t even notice if they step up in front of me 😉

We plan Sky Dive and trip in the desert.  And I would love to try surf, but Karim says my balance is simply awful so there’s not a chance I might succeed.

I will check Brentwood High, though. I have to see that school, even knowing it has been remade quite a lot after my beloveds graduated. Still, gotta check it.

They walked in there!!!

Adam at Brentwood High

Adam at Brentwood High

Looking like.. THIS (ourtesy of Rolling Stone ;))

I have always tried to figure out how it is to grow in that kind of environment. Karim (who has) always says is not really that big dea, dynamics are the same, it’s just that you get to know people with a lot of interests derived from families with lots of chances in life, which means also lots of education, responsibilities, visions, and also troubles, which often rise up your sensitivity at a faster pace.

All in all I just wanna get a chance to see the Past Alumni books ;).

Let’s hope we can thanx to Karim’s powers 😉

So… gotta start to pack.

Catch you whenever it’s possible.

Luv luv luv!!!


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nice post, keep writing thanks for sharing

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