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Weekend (best of both worlds)

Posted on: 17 May 2009

Hi there everybody!
As I am in the lab along with chickens (there is a special test today), let me share some of my unusually quiet weekend (no disco, just two dinners out) which happened to be awesome.
Karim and I are reaching a level of comfort with one another that preludes indeed to something serious, and let’s just leave it here by now.
I have seen 30 rock “Kidney Now” like 5 times since I bought the episode over iTunes and can’t stop crackin my ass from laugher. It’s a special show and deserves ALL Emmies they’ve got so far, and more.
ah.. yes.. Inter won the Serie A. Guess why? Because Milan plaed AWFULLY against Udinese on saturday. My oh my… Milan needs to be refounded. Honestly. Let’s change sporty subject, this drenches me off.
Yesterday evening (midday in LA) Lakers of course won the 7th game with Rockets. They could have trashed them, but it was a lazy game. Rockets were painful and for like 7 minutes they DIDN’T even approach a score from the pitch (!!!).

Denzel Washington and Adam Levine at Staples, 17 May 2009

Denzel Washington and Adam Levine at Staples, 17 May 2009

I hated that we had to see it on Sportitalia channel. They DON’T show any Kiss Cam so I had to guess where the Divine A was, and I got it: Just sat aside Denzel Washington, chatting with a japanese/chinese guy that he seemed to know, but whom I have no idea of. Anyway…. Awwww. I just love Adam the way he looks now. He’s PERFECT. He’s always been that but now, might that be he’s 30 and fully manly… I just shiver anytime I catch his sight. And I guess I’m not alone.
Yes, because (big breath of relief, everybody)… It might look like that thing with Lake Bell was just one of his way to play (awww… the naughty brat! Good, good: keep being a womanizer, honey. It makes ALL EASIER for us in chase ;)) and luckely NOT an hint of settling down at all (pheew: remember the vow: do NOT get serious before you’re 36… NEVER! I need more time to bed you down ;))
Cameron and Adam? For gaming, sure it might be

Cameron and Adam? For gaming, sure it might be

Word on the street is that game of the moment is Cameron Diaz 😉 😉 ;). And out from this I can state various things: Lake Bell had her taste of Wonderland Levine, and that will forever be her biggest achievement in life. Cameron is way hotter and it belongs to his resume so well; Cameron wants a baby and DEFINITELY Adam isn’t into fatherhood/marriage/anything serious for a while (long while) more; they are incredibly hot and whatever game play in bed involving them would be GREAT for both; this won’t last (if it’s true, which I think can easily be) just because… Adam is a hopeless womanizer, and he won’t ever be serious with anybody older than him, not even Miss gorgeousness Cameron.
Awww 🙂 He’s back to his playboy antics. In a way, this is the way he has to be. And I like that.
I am preparing the Bang Bang video… I guess it will take like a coupla more days 🙂 😉
Hugs everybody!


2 Responses to "Weekend (best of both worlds)"

That makes me a little bit relief because I extremely couldn’t stand Rebecca Ginos. I rather not to say more about her because I can have several problems witrh her. I was hoping of that rumored relationship, but still she’s too old for him (no offense Cameron you’re hot).

To me Becky will easily be (she could already be) what I call “recurrent”. Namely… (this isn’t very girlish in talks, I’ll admit… ;)) somebody whose he could never ever settle down with, cos it’s already been proved they don’t match as personalities (she tried to make him miss Lakers?!? She’s a fool ;)), but with whom he probably likes to make sex from now and then. And no way any red blooded females who has tasted that, being given chances to do it again, wouldn’t do it again.
Cammie on the other side would probably be a perfect personality match (or very close to that) but yeah, she can’t be more than a fling, due to age. (I still and forever will be thinkin Natalie Portman would have been perfect. Everytime I hear Better Than We Break I can so easily picture it was writen about her… She is Jew, gorgeous, smart as hell… and also VERY kinky sexually, no matter the innocent look – which emphazises perfection -… damn she was perfect (never believe any of the time he claims he’s “friend” with females… he’s friend with males, not with females ;)) But simply, so far Mister A. is simply not willing to commit, that’s clear ;))

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