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OMG: 80-95 in texas: how do you spell “embarassing”?

Posted on: 14 May 2009

So… I wanted to wake up and be light and chat about music and tv shows, as yesterday Adam, Jesse and James were all on tv (I have yet to see it all, cos in Italy 30 Rock is merely at the first season /second and we don’t get to see Last Call with Carson Daly either, where Operation Aloha combo was broadcasting too).
But Karim and I woke up instead at around 5 and 45 (sex request, much ;)) and at a certain point the infamous idea surfaced: LET’S TURN TV ON AND WATCH LAKERS IN HOUSTON!!!
Sky Sport 2 was having the game.

And a voice inside me, that little voice I should listen to way more often, was proclaiming fiercely: “Don’t!!!!”.
So we tuned on tv, cuddling while images (no comments, just the background sound of a huge chorus: “Beat LA… Beat LA!!!”) were like a constant rising up to -Rockets’ – wildest hopes.
It was the fourt quarter starting and we were losing. Some points… I thought we could have made it. Then I saw the game developing: no possession, and when there was ball possesion a freakin NOBODY seemed ever able to score (I am talking purple-gold, here…). It was like they were on the pitch by case, and had no damn clue about what they should have made with that ball.
As disappointment (and gap from Rockets) was increasing, I saw the incredible: around five minutes to the end, Kobe, the immense Kobe (who scored more than 30 anyway) shot from the threee points line and from almost the middle of the zone, HE DIDN’T TOUCH THE BILLBOARD EVEN!!!!
Toyota Palace was like delighted in dissing him. His face told me this team is maybe too young, too unexperienced and too shy to take advantage of Kobe, till the point sometimes even Kobe can give up (he didin’t, but you get the picture…)
It was painful and hazrd to health game to watch.
I was thinkin before playoff started the NBA final would have easily been Lakers VS Cavs. As the series progressed, I started to question if this team could have won against the Denver Nuggets.
Now, damn, I have to get scared about game 7 against a Yao-minus Rockets opponent???
This is tricky.
This is bad.
This is just no right.
As the game ended, around one hour ago, I said to Karim I needed him to forget.

I am sure Adam got the same idea (Lake better be there then… I saw her yesterday in “Over Her Dead Body” and she’s so funny – banging body, too. I hope she is also in the real life, cos Divine A. needs that. I hope they made up as we just did cos sex is the best way to erase sporty disappointment).
It was funny what Karim said as we started… he said:
“Tarantino should have thought about this: there they are, in purple and gold, the true Inglorious Basterds…”
He adores Lakers.
So for him to say this, it means that they TRULY screwed things up.
Let’s roll on Sunday and let’s fight the scare and the pain.
I’m not sure what we will come up with.
Not sure 😦


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