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The importance of details…

Posted on: 11 May 2009

Ouch… gotta set it straight: you can’t teach nor invent certain things.

You can’t teach class, for instance.

It’s not about having money to spend: strange enough, when you have big amount of them, you can state yourself so far away from class like from nothing else.

Karim, aside from all of his other amazing qualities (he’s smart, bright, charismatic, beautiful and sweet) has also got lot of class. LOT.

Prologue: while we were hanging out at Garda Lake the other week, we started to talk about watches. We never did before (I quite think that is a “malish” topic) but he had to admit I have quite a fair amount of educated opinions about the subject.
We were chatting about watches from Ulysse Nardin and I said that I really love the balanced and refined elegance of some of their offers, mainly because they are not overmade. Rich and perfect, but without gems and trash stuff.

“Pity that those that I love just cost like a great car…” I busted at a certain point.

Karim smiled. Then he changed subjet, and till yesterday night I even forgot we had that conversation at all.

Yesterday night though, after the bad game Milan played, and after the ASHAMING performance of Lakers against Rockets (at a certain point we were – 29!!!! Poor Divine Prince of my heart… he won’t heal that pain in 24 hours more…) Karim cuddled me like a Queen, to ease my nerves.

No sex, we just had a bath together in the core of the night. This morning (I was meant to be in the lab by 11) as we woke up, we had a couple of hours of pure lust and ecstacy, then as I was ready to get out he said to me:

“Za’, you left the watch on the bed…”

“What are you talkin about.. it’s in the bathroom…”

And he went further: “no way, it’s on the bed…”

I get back in the room, to find that on my pillow there was a graspy bag of yuta. Karim was on the wall, smiling and quirking out, deliciously.

In the air from the iPod there was “Indietro” by Tiziano Ferro (I like that song, is in the middel between Baglioni and Battiato) and Karim was gently laughing and singing along.

“So… what is this?”

“Wrap it up.”

Inside the sack there was a GMT Perpetual, maroon (This one in the picture, but the picture doesn’t show its beauty)
Ulysse Nardin
“Are you freaking kidding me?!?”

“No: l bought it for your birthday. Then our vacation in Liguria was so wonderful I gave up on any addition to it. And… It was missed this, back in april… ”

He opens up his arms to make it visible on his wrist a twined watch, just in black.

“You’re crazy… these cost…”

“They do cost 34.000 euros each. It doesn’t matter at all. If you’d love it, I could dress you only in gold. But you don’t need that to shine out in light.”

For the record: I did cry.

Don’t laugh… Yes, I shed happy tears and this is because I can’t cope with all of his ways to surprise me and cut my breath away. I stop reasoning, I just feel and from my heart I blossom cherishing bombs. And it’s not for the gifts in themselves: I would overreact also if he would give me a single violet. The way he looks at me sometimes, it kills me and makes me reborn. He’s so genuine, and generous, lovely and so patient. He’s some sort of shimmering tao.

Guess I’m trapped.

He’s behind me, when I write, and he smiles.

I don’t need to see that he’s doing it: I’m perceiving it from the way he breathes backing me…

Our watches are like us, now: alike, but different. They look perfect together and they DO feel so fine togethere to divide them would be foolish. And even if I’m crazy, no way that I am a fool.

PS: for my gals over You Tube: K’naan’s video will be up in the weekend cos I wanna include in the images those of Divine A. in 30 Rock finale – yeah, when he was happy because unaware that Lakers would have killed his joy on Mother’s Day 😉 Have faith, folks: you’ll love what I am about to create.

Now forgive me, but I have to take care of a very beyond average guy… 😉


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