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New tat on Divine’s body… and some more :)

Posted on: 7 May 2009

Karim and I are programming the new trip to California.
We’re planning to remain there for three weeks in June, in between San Francisco and Los Angeles, where I am cheking to visit some small apartment that I might actually BUY!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

With Karim we are in a sort of “taking chances optionability” (?)

I must confess that lately I didn’t feel any urge to make sex with anybody else than him, not even those kind of people that not very long ago would have attracted me enough to start my favourite game play. You know I am trying to figure out why this is happening – for real – and if the answer coming along would eventually be the one Karim wishes upon, we might “try” some kind of regular relationship. I said we MIGHT. Let’s see how it goes.

Anyway, there would be a fair exception in the supposed “regularity” of the bond.
And he knows this is not questionable.

This regular affair, if any, would never affect the only and one major dream (project?) of my own life since… five years and a half?

You got it: lovely Prince of my Life here below would be taken off from any trust and/or faithful promise, may that be mine or HIS, actually. That won’t ever change in my own lifetime. I was born to be at least once one of his groupies. This can’t change. Ever 😉

I’m posting two pics:


the first I took it off from NYPost site and just like it was put up there, it’s “Just Cuz”, namely you really don’t need any specific reason to gift your eyes with so much beauty in sight ;)… while the other is…


… taken from La Times online and shows Divine A last saturday at Game 1 between Lakers and Houston (we lost…). I put it up cos you can see there’s another tattoo on his arm!! It looks like a jaguar? I guess in not so long also the right arm will be fully covered up in ink.
Awwww. And this comes from somebody who’s not into tattoes at all. But regarding his ones, well I’d spent happily like about.. two millions years checking in detailes all that he’s painted with… I mean… from close, so very close and privileged point of view 😉

In randomly Divine’s updates, a sort of Break-in News from NME (Thank you Josephine!!!) tells me that on the 30Rock (cool!) finale he will star as musical guest along Mary J.Blige and Elvis Costello 😉 AWWWWW. I have always loved that show, now it will be just perfect 😉

I also read yesterday thanx to Mari that LA town is sending celebrities to schools so that they can teach kids about the importance of organic gardening and very unsurprisingly, Divine Adam and the guys (aww, my Maroon5…) are part of this.
Maybe in June I will be lucky enough to spot the right school ;)???

Karim is surrending at the chance 😉 But he’s taking it very well 😉

P.S. I’m just so VERY happy 🙂 😉


2 Responses to "New tat on Divine’s body… and some more :)"

I’m kind of masoquistic to enter to this article exactly and reading the phrase from hell: “not so long also the right arm will be fully covered up in ink.” I just felt a kick in my kidney and liver. But I’m doing my best to overcome it. I noticed that this business haven’t finished to me.

Oh, dear.. I feel guilty for having written that . If I could hug you I would. That day think that I was on the opposite side of the pitch (well, I was on the second level so I was watchin from above) and I expressed the wish to watch Lakers live cos I knew he would have been there. The feeling is that yes, he might end with both arms in sleeves. But maybe not, who knows. We can’t do much about it. One of Adam’s most known qualities is that he’s stubborn as hell. If he thinks something is right, he won’t ever change idea. Ask James (who’s equally stubborn ;)).

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