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Divine Levine’s Home

Posted on: 30 April 2009


Insert November 5th 2012: Adam levine Buys Beverly Hills new home:

Adam Levine new Beverly Hills home – Oct 2012 – But he will completely remake it… it’s way too simple for his tastes 😉

Insert February 2012, the article from Architectural Digest about Adam’s house (that you will see pretty changed from 2009!):

The super stylish posh-ness in restraint: Adam’s house, 2012

PS: to read back the level of my enamourement with Adam so back ago (before The Fuckery that thing is a throwback… 😉 end of note… get back to the old post now ;))

Karim shouldn’t test my own level of freaky fanatism about Divine Prince Levine.
Tsk Tsk…
Anytime it does happen I lend him feeling unwell, and I am sorry about it (just partially true… I like how I always reach out to find a way to make him forgive me for THE BETTER… tongue in cheek ;))
Anyway, after a lil bit of an arguing over this that you’re about to see (and that you’re gonna love and appreciate, especially if my gals from YouTube Page will check this out – gals, I’m happy you’re gonna join Karim and myself here at Garda Lake’s vacational weekend, tomorrow!), and therefore after logically sexed-up reconciliation, which turned war out to be… love war and awesome kind of it! I can finally….
Share with you, people, these pics (that are from last year, if I remember correctly: now that lovely pied has got I think two rooms added/changed) out of the Sacred Mansion, the blessed spot where the Divine Creature spends his LA time (and where that one, that lake, I fear is now allowed complete access, darn! My level of envy is reaching zenith!)
I know you all are gonna love this. From my side, what can I say… His taste for architecture and furnishing (and also for the zen-like gardening practices that I also pursue) just matches mine so well, as much as it happens when it’s about to fashion and music choices.
Karim is objecting now that I am writing this that also HIS tastes haven’t anything less dignity compared to mines and Adam’s.
That’s fairly true. Even though, maybe about music… he begs to differ 😉
So here they come, the pictures! I’ll post ’em up and then get back at “reconciliatory practices”…

😉 Miss Z.

So, right… and I am sure ya’ll loved it and would love, as I would for sure, spend some *quality* time wandering around those rooms…
😉 See you!


4 Responses to "Divine Levine’s Home"

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[…] He still have his previous Los Feliz house too (and he will keep it until at least some renovations aren’t made in the new one… and until someone won’t buy it at the price HE WILL THINK FITS Man is a talented seller anyway he has surely instructed his lawyers well about anything related to his preferences there): […]

Please tell me what magazine this was from? 🙂

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